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Hand-drawn giftwrap

Brown paper + silver pen = nice giftwrap!

Hand-drawn giftwrap

It’s easy, quick and un-squashable and the designs are really simple.

Hand-drawn giftwrap

If you are not that confident at drawing then sketch your doodle in pencil first. Easy!

Hand-drawn giftwrap

This is more for grown ups than kids so i’ll post something more kid orientated later in week.

Hand-drawn giftwrap

Happy Monday everyone! (I’m kinda wishing it was Friday already!!!)

Hand-drawn giftwrap

28 thoughts on “Hand-drawn giftwrap

  1. **Love** do you have a good source for your brown paper. I usually get mine from the post office and I am not happy with the quality. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

  2. Hi Mamaloves,

    I get mine from the post office too. Like you say it’s pretty thin. If the box you are wrapping is light in colour it’s fine. If it has a dark design on it you have to double wrap which is a bit annoying.

    I wrap the box so the paper is shiny side in and draw on the dull side.

    If anyone knows of a good source of brown paper in the UK (or elsewhere) please shout!

  3. That is really pretty and fun!

    We made some homemade gift-wrap last week. We used freezer paper with green and red paint, and red glitter glue. We “stamped” the paper using limes cut in half, but my daughter also used paintbrush and her fingertips. It came out lovely, we are definitely going to make some more!

  4. Hi anjanette,

    The cinnamon sticks and dried oranges sounds lovely. I was going to make some for the tree this year (for the smell more than anything!).

    I think we need to import some of your paper…the stuff we buy from the post office here is not good at all!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So genius! I already told my family that all of their gifts are going to be wrapped in newspaper or kraft paper. They gave me a funny look – but I assured them it would look awesome!

    Kelsey 🙂

  6. I think that this is a lovely idea for gift wrapping…its simple and creative…I love it going to have to try it out this holiday! thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment Anne, I’ll have to check out the DIY stores here and see if they do anything similar…..

  8. Wow, I love this! Combine this idea with some Zentangle (google it!) pattern doodles for inspiration! = )

  9. Like everyone else, I adore this idea! I ordered a large roll of the paper here in the States from I don’t know if they ship out of the states, though. Good luck finding it!

  10. My local 99p Store has a rather good stock of craft and mail supplies and their brown paper is a fairly decent quality. For 99p, it’s worth a try. Hope that helps.

  11. Newspaper offices have rolls of unprinted newspaper – it’s super cheap or often free for the rolls which still have metres and metres on them – they just don’t have enough paper on them to go through the print machine. The paper is quite thin, but you can double it up & it works well. They also make great paper for kids to draw on, or tablecloths at kids parties.

    I love using sewing patterns, or for small gifts sheet music and old black & white comics that you can pick up super cheaply from second hand stores.

  12. really like every little tutorial you’ve made, lots of variation- can tell you’re a very talented designer, bookmarked for future!

  13. I bought some red wrapping paper with a very subtle stripe from IKEA this year and on the back side it is the same stripe but in kraft paper brown-looks similar to the paper in your pictures. It’s very nice paper and a lot of paper on the roll.

  14. If you’re still looking for a place that sells brown paper, I got mine from Michaels crafts store. Just ask for brown wrapping paper and they’ll get it for you.

  15. Children’s art paper can be fairly big and thick (the easel kind). If your kid(s) goes through them at a gallop they make very pretty wrapping paper. I did that. Some people have no value for anything made by a kid, but I thought they were beautiful.

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