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I hope the man in red has been good to you all. I also hope the start of 2011 has been peaceful and happy. My 2½ year old finally popped through his last tooth (and shook off his winter flu) and has slept all night long for four whole nights in a row! We are giddy with sleep. It’s been a long time coming – 2½ years to be precise!

Anyway back to business! Firstly I want to do a big shout-out for LMNOP who featured my bird cake tutorial today.

If you are new to LMNOP magazine download their current issue and get a load of the eye candy. It’s well worth a read – it’s also free! As well as a great gift guide there are a couple of beautiful craft tutorials – one by madebyjoel – so what you waiting for.

Throughout the year I will be making more contributions to the LMNOP website so keep your eyes peeled.

As for the bird feeder I’ve added a few improvements as I had quite a few emails expressing concern for the position in which I was making my feathered friends feed. Now (with added perch) they can dine out at mine with relative ease – hurrah!

To make the bird feeder simply pierce a hole in the end of a pot. Thread some string through the hole and round a lollipop stick at the opening (see picture above).

Fill pot with bird cake (recipe here) and press firmly. You can use molten lard but please tape up the hole in your pot before pouring the mixture in. I used electrical tape and filled it with water first to check there were no leaks.

Put your feeder in the fridge to set and then using a knife (or scissors) cut away the pot. Voila!

4 thoughts on “LMNOP Magazine

  1. Thank you for the information about LMNOP magazine…it looks fantastic. And I’m so glad to have found your blog (via Swiss Miss). I’ll be back to spend more time!

  2. Kate, this is such a lovely idea. My son and I are going on a woodland walk tomorrow and will be taking some of these feeders along (made in the morning) plus some strings of monkey nuts. Hope to set these up and watch from a blanket what comes to feast. Flask of hot chocolate and some muffins. You’ve inspired this lovely moment I’m sure we’ll enjoy. Now please no rain! Keep doing what you’re doing.

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