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Paper Gems: New Templates

Hello there! My book finally came out this week! As a little present I am giving you the templates for the paper gems that are shown in the book. They are an improved version of the ‘old‘ gems on my site. They include two new designs (including a simple diamond) and all the gems are available in large or small template form.

Paper gems // New templates (large & small!)

I hope you have fun with them…they will work really well as Christmas tree decorations. Marta from muffins in my backpack also made a great advent calendar from my original gems two years ago. Check it out here.

If you fancy makng some then you will find the PDF’s at the bottom of the page.

Paper gems // New templates (large & small!)

Paper gems // New templates (large & small!)

Paper gems // New templates (large & small!)

Paper gems // New templates (large & small!)

You can order a copy of ‘MiniEco: A Craft Book‘ from The Book Depository, or It would make a great gift for Christmas *^_^* If you don’t fancy buying one then you can always borrow a copy from your local library.

MiniEco: A Craft Book

– – – – – – – – – –
+ Good quality A4 paper (in whatever colours you fancy)
+ Scissors
+ Ruler
+ Glue
+ Thread
+ Sticky tape

– – – – – – –

1. Print out the gems. Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘text and image’. Cut around the outside of your gem.

2. Score along the dotted lines using a ruler and pointy object (such as compass or needle). Fold along each of these lines.

3. If you want to hang your model up then make sure you stick a loop of thread inside the model before gluing the model together.

4. Glue your model together flap by flap. I use ‘loctite all purpose’ glue for all my paper projects nowadays. Its a bit smelly and can come out of the tube very quickly so not recommended for kids. If kids are making these models then a standard glue stick will do the job well.

– – – – – – – – – –

Small Gem A
Small Gem B
Small Gem C
Small Gem D
Small Gem E
Large Gem A
Large Gem B
Large Gem C
Large Gem D
Large Gem E

48 thoughts on “Paper Gems: New Templates

  1. Hi Kate,

    What is the silver paint/spray you have used on the gems in one of your photos? If it is spray did you use masking tape or something?

    BTW you are amazing yet again, I am doing an irregular craft lunch at work where we do mostly things from your tutorials- thank you for being so inspiring. Your geometric stuff is actually inspiring my ceramic work at the moment 🙂

    Another question- your 2d gem cutouts- you have done these in black paper…how did you see the template when it is printed on black?


  2. Hi Tori,

    Thanks for the lovely comment. Irregular craft sounds like lots of fun. Wish i could join in! I enjoyed your site..I did a fine art degree too (a very long time ago now though!)

    The silver is paint…called ‘liquid leaf’ – very smelly but the best metallic paint I have come across.

    I painted the gems onto black paper and could still make out the outline. Other that that cut a white one out and draw around it.

    Happy Saturday
    Kate ^_^

  3. If you specify ‘text and image’ or ‘photo’ in your printer dialog it should print the dotted lines. Kate ^_^

  4. These templates are driving me nuts! I love them!!! These new ones look a lot less challenging to put together too. Can’t wait to share the finished product. <3

  5. Hello there, how beautiful , marvelous are these gems…thanks so much for giving us so beautiful templates to realize in your entire site.
    This time I can’t download the A & E gems I would like to realize…could you help me?
    Sophie (from North of France)

  6. Hello,
    i can’t download any of the templates.
    Is there anything special I have to do?

    Thank you!

    And I LOVE every one of your lovely paper art!

  7. There was nothing happening, but it’s working today 🙂 yay!
    maybe there was problem with my server.
    thank you for the gems

  8. Hi Kate,
    today is such a good day…I click &…it works! Thanks
    I’m very happy, your templates are marvelous…thank you very much
    Have a nice day (D-day -7!!!)

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for the updates Kate! Perfectly wonderful and creative as you are. Thank you for being so sweet as to share these for free as well.

  10. These are so great!

    But, I’m having trouble with getting the last flaps glued into place since I’m sticking them along the inside of the gem.

    Would you have a tip for that?


  11. Hey, I love your work and DIY’s. Just a heads up, the picture has a typo with models names. And the large C gem is missing one flap on the template.

  12. Hi Kate,
    I absolutely loooove your gem templates! Just wanted to check with you if it is ok for me to print the gem bunting and use it for my jewellery market stall? I am also wanting to use your gem wrapping paper as thank you notes for my customers – is this all ok?


  13. Hi Kate,

    I’ve been wanting to try my hands at making these paper gems. Thank you for the templates! I have one question: I would like to make a giant size of these gems for photo props, something like 40 cm tall or even bigger. If I separate the templates and then attach them together using glue, would it work? Or should the whole template be printed on one sheet of paper? Thank you for your help!

  14. This is amazing! Thanks 🙂
    But I have a problem – my printer doesn’t print some of the lines… I think it’s because they are too bright… Is there something I can do about it?

  15. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for providing templates for these.

    FYI I have noticed Gem C is missing a flap at the end and Gem A has two solid lines that should be dashed.


  16. Try changing your printer settings to ‘photo’ rather than ‘text’ or ‘text and image’.

  17. You can separate but may need to add extra flaps in order to stick the pieces back together again. You could also enlarge on a photocopier and trace the design?

  18. Love these paper gems ! Thanks! I’ve made some myself but drew the templates instead of printing them out !! 🙂

  19. I noticed there are two “Gem E”‘s
    the flatter gem and the longer gem that looks like a tube with points

    do you use the same template for both? I need to know how to make the flatter gem e – how do i do that?

  20. I need to make some gems for my daughters stage props, I need to enlarge this template for a big poster board sized gem. Any suggestions?

  21. Made these as little decorations for my room in uni! They were fun to make and look so good! Thank you for the templates!

  22. Just wanted to say that these are awesome! I’m planning a diy christmas tree decoration project and this is perfect 🙂 thanks for the templates and the ideas, love your site <3

  23. I would love to try these but my printer isn’t printing the dotted lines, whether it’s print as image or not. Huge bummer.

  24. How do you glue the last flap to the inside????? I find it aggravating when you get to the last flap because it is SUPER HARD to glue on. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello Kate,
    May I ask, what are the things called printed on your book? Right next to your name? Can I find those on your page too?
    I love all the things you post!

  26. I love the idea of the gems but I will be using them to make Christmas Ornaments for gifts. I will give a small set to my children who live in tiny homes and then make some for family and friends who have large trees. Thank you so much for the patterns.

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