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Pencil crayon necklaces

Yesterday evening I ‘borrowed’ eight of my sons crayons and surreptitiously removed 7mm from the end of each one using a hacksaw. Today the crayons are back in their rightful place, my son is none the wiser, and I’m the proud owner of a new necklace!

Pencil crayon necklaces

I have seen these pencil crayon necklaces on the web before and have been itching to have a go. They are really easy to make. I used a junior hacksaw, tiny drill bit, sandpaper and a length of cotton. Each crayon-bead is 0.6mm in length. If anyone wants a more in-depth how-to please let me know.

Pencil crayon necklaces

I reckon they would make a lovely handmade present. All you need to do is add a nice clasp…sorted!

Pencil crayon necklaces

I also stole a whole orange pencil and made a pointy necklace too 🙂

Pencil crayon necklaces

Off topic: Sorry it’s been a little quiet here of late. I have a big project on the go and it’s taking up every spare second. It’s probably going to be quiet for the next eight weeks or so but after that it will be business as usual.

In the Autumn I’m planning on redesigning the site a little and am going to somehow split it into two sections – so that there is a kids craft section and an adult crafts section.

I promised Aimee from Home Spun Threads that I would give her site a big shout out. She is running a ‘Summer Soiree’ (guest blog series) during May. Check it out because there are some lovely posts. I’m digging the ladybug basket. Very cute indeed! My youngest son is obsessed with bags at the moment so this is on our to-do list tomorrow.

My little (big) boy, Seth, was 4 last week! Hurray! I just want to rewind and replay the last four years…it’s been ACE.

Pencil crayon necklaces

17 thoughts on “Pencil crayon necklaces

  1. Hi Katiecrackernuts. I’ve not had any problems….If you are wearing your best white blouse then maybe a layer of clear nail varnish or mod podge wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

  2. These necklaces look great! I gave it a try last night, but just ended up with a bunch of broken crayons. There’s obviously some trick with the hacksaw I’m not getting! (Perhaps the cotton?) anyway, these are great, maybe I’ll try again tomorrow!

  3. Hi Megan….a small hacksaw blade is better, like a junior hacksaw (you can buy them for a pound or two). A sharp blade is a must too. Hold pencil very firmly and saw very slowly…not much pressure. Once cut you can sand the ends on some sandpaper. Then you can drill a hole in the side using a tiny drill piece.

    Good luck…let me know if you run into any more problems. I’m more than happy to put together a proper how-to if you need one x

  4. Love these necklaces!!!! Cute, cute, cute!!!! I want one so I might have to give this a try!!!

  5. Hi, there! I saw your post on Design Mom but see here that you have a version with round pencils. How on earth do you drill in the round bead (e.g., how does the bead stay still while you start to drill)? I am using a manual drill if that makes a difference. Thanks so much for sharing… Your pictures are beautiful!!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I think with a manual drill you would probably need to ‘borrow’ another set of hands….unless you have a clamp.

    Also…prior to drilling I would probably press the end of a compass into the pencil where I wanted to drill…that way it’s less likely to slip…

    Let me know how you get on (or if you have any more questions.) Good luck!

  7. I saw the initial pictures of the pencil necklace and thought it was nice. I then saw the spiked one and I must admit I really liked it – what a great idea and looks good.


  8. You can invest in a dog toenail clipper from a pet store for around $10. They’re safe for kids and no need to mess around with a hacksaw.

  9. I love the creation of this colored pencil necklace and would love a how-to do it please!!!!!!!

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