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stick + drill = threading game

Aren’t sticks brilliant! I’m certainly getting carried away with them at the moment and have a big pile building up on my windowsill.

All you need to make this threading game is a drill, saw and some sandpaper….and a stick of course.

I took the cut the bark off mine because it was a bit yukky…

Free toys = Smiles all round…hurrah!

8 thoughts on “stick + drill = threading game

  1. Haha…huge ones in the garden sound like lots of fun. I want photo’s of that project!!

  2. OOOOH your site is SO AMAZING!! I think there are many projects that my craft-challenged self might be able to handle!! I’m so happy to have ‘discovered’ you, I’d like to invite you to come visit me as well at — I write about children’s books and we’re TOTALLY FUN 🙂 This week all week is my Ode to All Things British, it might make you laugh so come check us out! Aloha, Melissa

  3. Not sure how big you are planning for outside but keep in mind the hanging/strangling hazard it could create.

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