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I saw some pompoms on Pinterest the other day and it reminded me to make some with my boys (and my niece and nephew). They all l-o-v-e-d it! I had fun too. Reminded me of making them with my Mum when I was little!

Pompom Inspiration
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// Neon pompoms as wall decorations.
// Pompom jewellery (the third from bottom is my favourite…love those colours).
// Pompom garland from etsy seller Depeapa.
// Miniature pompoms made with forks.


I’m sure there are a gazillion pompom tutorials out there…and you can probably make them in your sleep…but if you need a quick reminder, here’s how:

Sorry it’s been a little while in between posts….I’ve got a number of projects on the go and it’s been a bit of a struggle to actually get one finished!



You will need
– – – – – – – –

// Scrap card
// Wool
// Scissors

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1. You need to cut two cardboard ‘doughnuts’. Ours measured about 8cm in diameter but you can experiment with different sizes. Needless to say the bigger the doughnut the bigger the pompom. Put the doughnuts together and start winding the wool around them (we were lacking in patience that day so we wrapped four stands of wool at a time!).

2. Keep going.

3. Keep going…you can switch color if you want ^_^

4. Keep going!

5. Pop your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut all the way around the edge.

6. Be careful at this point…don’t let it fall apart.

7. Cut a long strand of wool and put it between the two pieces of cardboard. Tie in a knot and pull tight. Knot again.

8. Remove cardboard and fluff up!

21 thoughts on “Pompoms!

  1. Thanks Helen ^_^ I had to stop myself from going out and buying lots more wool. The neon yellow ones are going to have to wait.

    Hope all well with you.

  2. These are super cute!
    I really love your blog; your photography is awesome!
    I love making pompoms, and I have one tip that makes it a bit easier! Before you start winding the yarn around the disks, cut slits all the way through one side to make a “C” shape. This way you can wind the yarn around without having to thread it through the hole. Does that make sense? Then, if you are lucky, you can pull off the cardboard later and use it again!

  3. Thanks for the top-tip Katherine……it makes perfect sense. I’ll give it a go ^_^

  4. This takes me back to the most amazing childhood memories of making pompoms! They are so gorgeous and yours are amazing!!

  5. Hi
    Cute pom poms!
    Have you any ideas on how much wool you need to make one / how many pom poms you can get from one ball of wool?
    Thought I’d put a couple of ‘packs’ together for my children when we go on holiday.
    Thanks, Davina 🙂

  6. Hi Davina, one ball would make a lot of pompoms…so 1 ball for each colour you use would be more than enough.

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