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Catapult paper airplane

Hello peeps. Check out this catapult paper airplane. It’s a goodie, and a quickie (hurrah!), and kept my very determined son quite busy today! The idea comes from The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do which we currently have out from the library.

Simply make a regular paper plane using a smallish piece of paper (10x15cm). Then punch a hole in the bottom and thread through a laggy band.

Next, grab a stick or a pencil to use as a launcher. Hook the elastic band to the top of the stick, pull back the plane and let go!

It’s pretty quick and fires a surprisingly long way so get ready to duck!

I think this is a 3+ activity as it requires a good bit of hand/eye coordination. I just made a regular paper plane for my littlest boy, he was pleased as punch with it and didn’t feel left out so that’s cool.

Apparently they even taste good!

If you want a full ‘how-to’ then let me know and I’ll put one up. I attempted to get an ‘action’ shot today but failed miserably so will try again tomorrow.

Off topic: I joined ohdeedoh’s big blog family today. Sarah Rae Trover wrote a lovely piece so check it out!

14 thoughts on “Catapult paper airplane

  1. I looked at this and thought ‘What a brilliant idea – I haven’t seen that before” and then I realised that we own two copies of that book! I think I noticed it here because your pictures are much nicer. It has reminded me to go and have a look at the book again.

  2. Hi Julie…that’s pretty funny! It is a great plane and works really well once your little one gets the knack of it.

    Do you know I’d love to do a science book…..I think there are so many great ideas out there for little ones that could be expressed better visually IYKWIM.

    Thanks for the compliments re the photography. I wish I had more time to spend on taking photos as I just don’t have enough time to translate what’s in my head. One day eh!!

  3. What a great blog, I just found you today and really love the great things you make from household items – both recycling and fun! I’m amazed at how much toyshops can charge for toys when a little bit of imagination makes even the most mundane of household items an exciting toy!

    Long live imagination! 🙂

  4. Hi

    Just wanted to stop by and say how fantastic I think your blog is. We’ve downloaded the Lullatone album – and developed some rather savvy disco routines to go along to the tunes, and I love your colourful, happy photos.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments – it’s been great to have a nosey at your sites too! So many wonderful blogs out there to read.

    Four girls! No wonder you are called the sleepy time gal – haha! I can barely keep my eyes open with two!

    Kelly – funny to hear about your disco routines – sounds like a lot of fun.

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