Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Here is a Christmassy version of my confetti wrap. I love it because there are no bows to get squashed. The best bit is that the confetti moves around when you shake it.

I hope all your festive preparations are going well. My children finish school for two weeks today – Yay!

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

– – – – – – – – – –
+ Plain wrapping paper
+ Clear cellophane
+ Sticky tape
+ Confetti
+ Scissors

– – – – – – – – – –

1. Wrap your gift in some plain paper. Neutral colours work well (you could even use brown craft paper).

2. Gather your confetti – if you don’t have any to hand you can make some with a holepunch or you can give some tinsel a haircut!

3. Wrap your gift in cellophane – remember to leave one end open. Pour your confetti mix into the open end of your cellophane wrapped gift. You may need to give it a bit of a nudge to get it to go down the gaps.

If you are struggling to buy clear cellophane then try your local florist (that’s where I got mine from – and it was really inexpensive).

Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

Merry Christmas

Kate ^_^

23 thoughts on “Confetti wrap // Christmas edition

  1. We just wrapped a birthday present for my daughters friend like this a little while ago!!! I’m glad someone else was thinking this too–all the thinks you can do with extra craft supplies! You have a lovely home here-Cheers!

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