Questions, questions!

I have a little survey here. Would you be able to spare five minutes to fill it in? I am struggling to make decisions regarding this blog so your opinion really would mean a lot to me.

I know your time is precious, so you can be as brief as you like. All results will be published on the site soon.

Edited to add: A huge thanks to all of those who’ve answered the survey (nearly 500 of you!). Your opinions, comments and suggestions have been incredibly helpful and I have a clearer head already….phew! I’m going to close the survey now but will publish results in the next week or two. BTW…also hoping to sneak in a quick craft before the weeks end 😛

Have a lovely Monday
Kate ^_^

8 thoughts to “Questions, questions!”

    1. Hi Felly,

      Thanks for your comment….the only reason I closed it so early is that I have had so many responses….over 500 emails to go through…hope you understand. Even though I have said the survey is closed it’s still online so if you want to fill it in then please feel free ^_^

      (In retrospect I should have used an online survey tool to compile all the results for me!!! Too much rushing and not enough thinking!)

      Many thanks
      Kate ^_^

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