MiniEco: A Craft Book {5 copies to giveaway}

Hello there! I have been meaning to do a giveaway of my latest book for ages.

If you wish to enter then please leave a comment below…it’s that easy! I will post anywhere in the world!

Remember only one entry per person. Entries close on the 14th February at 6:00pm (GMT). I will pick the winners at random on the 17th of February. Good luck everyone!

MiniEco: A Craft Book // 5 copies to giveaway


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  1. Natasha Hryniewicz #

    Such fab ideas, would love to give some a go!

  2. Anne Kathrine Østerby #

    Whoa, I would love a copy to take the tour to Denmark!

  3. Katarzyna #

    Love your blog!!!

    • Katarzyna #

      Yeaa, I love to have a copy and walk with it in Paris! :P

  4. Eleanor MJ #

    This is exciting.

  5. Natalie Serrage #

    I love all of the 3D stuff, super cute!!

  6. Josie #

    Ooh – I would very much enjoy the book. Such great ideas ❤️

  7. Karina Ascanius #

    I would love to win this! :)

  8. Chong Kok Piau #

    I like paper crafts and I like your blog. =)

  9. Iva #

    Love, love, love!!!!

  10. ido #


  11. yael schlesinger #

    such a lovely book! I am a big fan of this site!

  12. Amparo #

    I read each of your posts with a lot of enthusiasm. Your work is awesome!
    I wish you lots of creative moments!

  13. Nicole #

    I really love the things you do out of paper. *-*

  14. Beautiful!

  15. Nat #

    So inspiring! Would love a copy to help me with packaging ideas

  16. I would love to win your book. Keep up the good work.

  17. Lauren #

    looks like a STUNNING book, amazing ideas, incredible imagination :)

  18. I would die and go to heaven!

  19. finger crossed to win your fab book! pick me, Fortune! ;-)

  20. Carla #

    I think your stuff is amazing and you’re a very talented mum! I would love to add this book to my collection!

  21. I waaaaant it! I really love your DIY ideas :) it’s simply beautiful and pretty easy!

  22. i’m a huge fan!

  23. Please, let me help you helping me! It would be awesome! :D

  24. miss luna #

    love your blog, love your book – offered it to a friend, fyi you have French fans :)

  25. Luna #

    Your work is so inspiring! I’d love to win your book.

  26. cintia palavicini #

    Gostaria de participar, adoro seu trabalhos! Beijos.

  27. Sascha #

    YAY! Your crafts have been inspiring me for years — I’d love to share this book with my friends to inspire them too!

  28. I just discovered you this very morning through the Hibridblog blogroll and I love your site!!

  29. Alexa Laube #

    Hello! I already had hours of fun with the mini paper medallions, loved the paper cut gems, the butterfly sun-catcher, the easter bunny garland and the ghost treat boxes were in use as well. Thanks for that. Would very much appreciate the book. Love your ideas and the templates!!

  30. I love what you do :) I do art with kids at camps regularly so pls, pls give me a copy!! It will be well used! Thanks ;)

  31. Ellen #

    This looks so cute!

  32. Nóra #

    Fabulous! <3
    Budapest would really love this book!
    Fingers crossed ;)

  33. Núbia #

    I will be very happy to win this book to be able to show it to my friends here in Brazil!

  34. Kirstin #

    Would love a copy of your book – I am subscribed to your e-mails and always love them popping up in my in box. Lego keyrings were a hit Christmas present especially with my neices and nephews in their late 20s!!! Apparently I have too many craft books already so have been on a spending cut back for the last year.

  35. I love your works, they are really inspiring!:)

    Here are some of my projects that came into my mind after reading your blog:

    And of course, I would love to have your book:)

    Thank you for your imagination:)

  36. Malcolm Kee #

    Thank you for willing to give your book, just wish that I can get it!
    It would be making me more popular among my students, which are already impressed by the card I make since I follow your website. :D

  37. awesome!! I wish one!!

  38. Would L♡VE this! It’s the only thing my bookshelf is missing.

  39. konstanze #

    that would be great :)

  40. Amanda #

    I’d love to have this book! Your crafty ideas are awesome :)

  41. Aparna #

    That is amazing! I would love to have it on my bookshelf!

  42. Anna Åkesson #

    Love paper! Love to be inspired by you! Love a copy of your book!

  43. Anežka Minaříková #

    I’d like to win your book,:-) I study graphic design in Czech republic, and I like your work, i used your marbling tutorial for my final semester work- book design. :-) Here’s the example :-) If I win on of your books I’ll send you postcard in return with famous Prague’s castle on it:-)
    Greeting from prague

  44. If you send me a book on Feb 14th does that mean Im your Valentine? :) Also Feb 14th is International 2014 is International Book Giving day! How fitting :)

  45. Francisca M #

    OMG! the best giveaway ever!
    All the presents I make I wrap’em with all your lovely ideas. They rock every time :D
    I’d love to have a copy of your book, because here in Chile is impossible to find it!

  46. Olja #

    amazing ideas on your blog. I love everything!

  47. Love your ideas and aesthetics! Thank you for the chance of winning your book!

  48. mayo #

    great news! thanks for sharing this

  49. Madame Hasehase #

    You make crafting a great thing for everyone – not only for kids!

  50. Thank you that you spreading a good ideas!

  51. Love all your projects and your simple and colorful style :) Would be awesome to win this! Much love from a fan in Spain!

  52. wohoo, would love to have one of your books!

  53. SewBertie #

    Your work inspires me please count me in!

  54. Jo #

    I would love to own your book! I might even let my children do some of the projects. Your ideas and projects are great and your beautiful choice of colours and photography is inspiring!

  55. Tanja #

    Follow you on facebook & all your craft create a smile on my face.

  56. sonia #

    My kids and I just discovered your site and already love what we have learned. You are so creative, love your paper arts! We would love a copy of your book.

  57. Chia #

    I have been following your posts & always fascinated by your designs. They are so Cool!!! So happy to know you are giving away some of them! Hope I can recieve one of them.
    I am from Asia and I think one of your book should be here too! ;) All the best to you and continue to be creative!

  58. melainey #

    I would be grateful if you would considered me in your giveaway for you recent book!!
    I have made some of your projects and thoroughly enjoyed making them.. The book would give me more inspiration..
    And I thank you most kindly for accepting this post.. :)

  59. Very interesting book.
    Finally a book for craft that is more Eco-Friendly than any others and inspiring for adults and kids.
    The use of natural dyes and recycled materials is very appropriate for the period we are living.

  60. I would give this as a gift to a friend of mine!!!!!!

  61. diana #

    crafting for my <3

  62. Dig it!

  63. Simone van der Meer #

    Love this.

  64. Manouchka #

    Made a lot of fun stuff thanks to ur blog, wanna do more!

  65. Paula Castro #

    Lovely book! Thank you, you’re very kind :)

  66. It’s very helpful when i do some decoration, add oil and create more :)

  67. elif #

    I love your work, love love polyhedra cat, love it and want more of it :)

  68. Marleen Fok #

    With love from Holland!

  69. Julia #

    Yes <3

  70. Annie #

    It’s lovely! I wish to get a copy and let it breath Italian air :-)

  71. Evelyne #

    Your creations can add a touch of sparkling in the days often too gray!

  72. evi dini #

    great ideas made with love!

  73. Yael #

    would love this.

  74. Jan Merson #

    Love your blog , would love a copy of your book.

  75. Isabel #

    Want it!

  76. If it feels like flying over to Australia, I’d love a copy of this super-cute text – your designs are so fun!

  77. Madulain #

    You make the nicest things, would love a copy of this book.

  78. olá from Lisbon,
    great idea, thanks. i believe you have mln followers – great blog, congratulation. (it always works with children…) Pera*.

  79. I would love a copy of your book! Your blog is such an inspiration! xx

  80. Patricia #

    Soy una fan incondicional de su blog y de las ideas tan bonitas que nos deja. Tener el libro seria genial!!! Saludos

  81. Paola Lanza #

    It will be wanderfull to win one of this

  82. Gitty #

    Love tour ideas. Hope I win you boom

    • Gitty #

      Dutch spellcheck, bever handy. It should be:
      Love your ideas. Hope I win you book

  83. bethany cliffe #

    Your stuff is amazing and I’d love to try your wrapping ideas, your creative craft is so go looking I’d love to display it in my house. I would love a copy of your book but if I don’t win I’ll probably buy one with my first pay check anyway!

  84. Have this book on my wish list! X

  85. Would love to win!

  86. Anna #

    Hello! I love your ideas. I recently tried some of them – paper medallions and stars made a wonderful garland. 3D star however was too much and I will have to try again. I’d love to read your book and get more wonderful ideas, fabulous for colorful summer parties!

  87. Emeline #

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! Winning your book would surely help me go through those long rainy and windy days!

  88. Louise #

    Would love to win a copy of your book. Love paper craft. Love MiniEco!

  89. Aida Prieto #

    Hi! I would love to have your book, i’m a big fan of your lovely work, best wishes from Venezuela

  90. Bua Smith #

    Really love you blog so much and yes it would be superb to have a copy of you lovely book! ^^

  91. I want it , I want it ! I want it ! :)

  92. Love this site, I’d love to win a copy of your book to help me out as I’ve not long started crafting :)

  93. soulie #

    I want it !!! so lovely

  94. Elizabeth Forssman #

    Love your ideas! Been following your blog forever! So inspiring, creative and colourful!! Wanting to start my own website soon. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  95. I would love to win a copy of your book. I really find your blog and tutorials inspiring. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  96. Krissie #

    Would absolutely love to get my hands on this book, fingers crossed!

  97. Awesome 3-D and print objects! These would be great to share with the middle schoolers and teens at our library! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Love your works! I hope the book will come soon in Italy! maybe even in Italian! Ciao!

  99. Zuzanna Rataj #

    What a wonderful world :) Greetings form polish craftswoman :)

  100. hope to win!

  101. Jack P #

    Ooooh I’ve been wanting a copy of this for ages!

  102. Karen B. #

    Love your blog and would love to win your book!

  103. Julie #

    I would love to have a copy of this book.

  104. Rachel Waldner #

    I would love to get one of the books!! You are such an inspiration to me and have such a gift! Your creativity is something to behold :) keep on going!!

  105. Heidi #

    Love your site and previous book. Also this book would make my bookcase look super cool. Who doesn’t love a splash of neon!!

  106. minou #

    Love your playful approach to minimalism :)

  107. Carmenpol #

    Hello, I want it, I need it, I wish it !!! It looks so fabulous. Fongers crossed. Thanks

  108. oh I would like to have. I love your blog!

  109. sara #

    i love your work and would love love love loovvveeeee your book. kisses from icy mountains in Croatia <3 :D

  110. Mari #

    Thank you for the giveaway!! :)

  111. Laura #

    Just today I made the simple heart popup-card for my boyfriend (who’s birthday is the 14th of february – well, that’s a valentine!) and I’d love to try many more of your fabolous ideas from the book. So yes, I want it, too :) All the best from Germany!

  112. Kayla #

    Yay for giveaways! Your blog is lovely! xx

  113. I already have the book and I love it. And it’ll be the greatest thing if I can get one of those giveaway copies as a present to my best friend. Every time she comes to my house, she reads my book.

  114. Sally McMurdie #

    Such lovely ideas, and a very generous heart. Thanks for the chance to win

  115. Waaaaaaaaaa i love all this work with paper!! I would like to win this book n_n

  116. Tracey #

    Would love a copy.

  117. Would love to win! Fingers and toes crossed!

  118. imen #

    love your blog ! I like to have your book :)

  119. Love your blog, and would love a copy of your book!!!

  120. Maria #

    Oh I love your designs and hope to win your book.

  121. Mia #

    I effing love Polyhedrons, m8! Keep up the amazing work! Pls consider me for one of your books! World peace!

  122. Trine munk #

    Me me me !!! :) :)

  123. Kate, it would be awesome to own your book. Have been following your blog for a long time and really like all you ideas!

  124. rachael #

    looks fantastic- I’d love a copy!

  125. Zoe #

    Great giveaway, would love to get a copy of your book!

  126. Janice Stewart #

    I will wear out that book. I always use paper in my crafts.

  127. Oh wow, I love your work, so beautiful. I really would like a copy of your latest book, for inspiration :-)

  128. Joi McQueen #

    I want to enter to win! I’m a huge fan :)

  129. Gina #

    A giveaway? Yay! Fingers crossed.

  130. allison #

    i’m a homeschooling mama, and my son and i have made things from several of your tutorials. it would be so amazingly awesome to have your book.

  131. I need that book to improve my life!!!!!!

  132. Oh exciting! Love to win, creativity at its best!

  133. Velvet #

    Love your creations ! especially the gems…

  134. Céline #

    Thanks so much. Hopefully I will buy it next month in London !

  135. Candy #

    Woah, thanks for the generous gift!

  136. Foteini Konstantinou #

    thank you very much!! great gift!!

  137. Eva #

    Wow, I’d be very happy to have this!

  138. oh yes i am going to cross my fingers for a copy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing and your work.

  139. I just love your work so much! Thank you for showing us your talent! Best wishes for you, from Romania. :)

  140. Charlotte #

    This would be such a treat to win!

  141. I love your papercrafts and would love to win your book!

  142. Tracey J. Hibbard #

    Very exciting treat!

  143. Crossing my fingers! I am a big fan! (-;

  144. joce #

    Love your ideas! Hope I could get a copy!

  145. Laura #

    That would be great! Ilove your stuff! It’s really great!

  146. Omg, I need this book <3 Love your blog!

  147. Aino Kinnunen #

    Wow. I want it.

  148. Oscar #

    Hi! i would really love a copy of your book! your crafts and ideas are always great and i’m always checking you website for new and creative things! cross my fingers

  149. Love it! :)

  150. Corrr – count me in please! :)

  151. Natalie #

    Your crafts are so beautiful!

  152. Hey Kate, I love your tutorials! Just mentioned you in a blogpost. Unfortunately it’s in German. ;)

  153. So inspiring! I love your work!

  154. I pre-ordered it and I LOVE it, such a creative work, Congrats!

  155. Kay Munday #

    Yes Please! Would love love love a copy!

  156. chellise #

    I would love to win a copy of your book! I’m a huge fan!!

  157. Love your work… I can only imagine the time it takes to think up an idea, the amount of tries to execute it properly then to spend the time to make tutorials as well. Amazing.

    I’d love a copy of your book to try more of your creations!

  158. Laila #

    I’d love to win one! It’ll add so much fun to my life I think :)

  159. Oh, I would love to have your book :)

  160. Daniela Tobar #

    I love this, hope to win!

  161. Lisa #

    Your book looks wonderful! I enjoy your blog and have made several of your projects! Thanks so much!

  162. Lorena #

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time! It’s on my bookmarks! Thank you for the contest! :D

  163. HM #

    ahhh~ would love to win this! <3

  164. Doudou fille #

    Hi, i would like to win your book. it will be a pleasure for my son and i ;-)

  165. Oh yes – please! Would love to habe one for me.

  166. Romina #

    Hi! Big fan from Peru!! love your ideas (and the colors you use!)

  167. Ana #

    Awasome work, I have tried a lot of your beautiful creations !! :D

  168. Alena #

    Colors you choose make me happy. It would be a lovely gift!

  169. I have recently started following your blog and would love a copy of your book! I think it would be fun to make some of these with my 4 year old daughter where I can enjoy the craft too!

  170. Lisa Boe #

    Of all the paper filling my house, this paper would be the loveliest.

  171. Corina #

    That would be great! Thank you

  172. Jennie #

    A fan from Greece wishes to have a copy of your lovely book! Fingers crossed!

  173. Alix #

    I’m love with your crafts <3

  174. Dallas #

    Love your site and have become a recent follower! Keep up the amazing work and inspiring others!

  175. ohh what a beautiful book! thank you for this chance!

  176. Joan #

    Thank you so much for sharing! Your work, your site and, I’m sure, the book are all beautiful and such a pleasure.

  177. I’m a fan of your work and would LOVE to get my hands on your book!

  178. Christina Frederiksen #

    You make such beautiful things. I would love to win your book.

    Christina (Denmark)

  179. Mary Kranz #

    Your creativity is seconded only by your love of color. Everything you do and share makes me smile!
    Best Wishes,

  180. angiecina #

    I want it! <3 <3 <3

  181. love and admire your art!!!
    thanks for the always inspiring things:)

  182. mialkotek #

    Beautiful! I’d love to have it!

  183. sophie L #

    Thanks for this giveaway!
    would love a copy of your book :)

  184. What a wonderful giveaway! I am continually amazed by your creativity. This would be a treasured book!

  185. Kelly #

    I’m so excited for your book! It looks great!

  186. You are so talented and your work inspires me! Excited to jump at this opportunity!

  187. Meg Metz #

    i’ve been a fan for a long time and would love to get a copy! :)

  188. hai,
    wow really nice that you have such an nice giveaway!!!!
    thank you!!!
    xx Suzan

  189. Aurélie #

    Oh, I would love to win a copy of your book! That would be just awesome :-)

  190. Natalia #

    I’m so excited! I wonder if this would be the only copy in my small town.

  191. Marta #

    I am prepared – I already made a space in my bookcase for it :-D

  192. Signe #

    Cross my fingrene thar one of Them i going to Denmark

  193. Kitty hoho #

    Fantastic work !!!!
    I want it
    Pick me Pick me

  194. PorkChops #

    I’ll never win but no harm trying

  195. Hello.

    First of all, thank you for this amazing opportunity!
    I haven’t had the chance to peruse your book! I live in Portugal and sadly, can’t seem to find it anywhere…
    I love paper! I love the fact that with a bit of creativity, technique (and luck!) one can make wonderful constructs with paper.

    I found your blog a few years ago: I instantly became a fan of your work! You are such a great inspiration to aspiring artists all around the world! Seeing your artwork made me want to learn more and made me wanting to create with paper.

    It’s ok if I don’t get to win your book (I’m really not lucky at all :-D), but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to say how your work makes me very happy!!

    Please, keep charing your creativity gift with all of us!!!
    All the best to you (I hope this book is the first of many more to come!).

    Kindest regards,

  196. alex #

    I love it !

  197. Grace #

    Cool! Would love to win it!

  198. Iang Gu #

    Wow …. I have been following your creations and just crazy to get your copy. I am really excited to hear back soon.

    Thank you in advance :-)

  199. Heidi Sanchez #

    :) funtimes!

  200. deborah #

    Oh I want one!!! Love your ideas. :-)

  201. This is beyond awesome!! I hope I get to be one of the lucky 5 :D And many congratulations on the new book! If I do win it, don’t forget to sign it ;D

  202. Lisa #

    I’ve made so many things from your site already, to win the book would be amazing!
    My flatmate’s also hooked; he hates me!

  203. What a fab looking book! Please enter me into your draw :-)

  204. sherry #

    Me please!

  205. Serena #

    Wow! I’d like to win this fantastic book!

  206. Min #

    Big fan requesting entry to the contest. Thank you!

  207. Pick me! Pick me!

  208. LuckyBum #

    This book looks amazing! I’ve actually been wanting one for a while. I really hope I can get my hands on on. Best of luck to all!

  209. Lenschie #

    What a wounderful book and blog, such an inspiration!

  210. Thaís Quevedo #

    Lovely site and amazing projects.
    I’d like to win this book.
    Xoxo from Brazil

  211. Oh oh oh oh! I find your blog right on time for this wonderful giveaway! Pick me! :)))))

  212. Oh this is lovely. I’d love to win!

  213. maria #

    Congratulations for your work, we use to practice with all your tutorials and they work it so well! Thanks for let us enjoy it!
    Best regards,

  214. Kate #

    fingers crossed…I would love a copy

  215. Nanna #

    Count me in!

  216. yifat #

    Love your work and also made some of your tutorials!

  217. Xenia #

    Uhh I would just love to win that book. Only reasonly discovered mini eco and am very impressed

  218. MFree #

    yes please! I’m always making your paper crafts!

  219. Marisela Becerra #

    Wow! Can I have one here in Mexico?! I looove your creations!! <3

  220. Gemma #

    Hi, I favourite so many things on your blog, the book would be a amazing resource.

  221. oooh I really would like to win one :)) cheers

  222. Charlotte Williamson #


  223. Maija #

    This book needs to come inspire Stockholm, Sweden!

    //Your Biggest Pinterest fan

  224. Natétoile #

    Great, I love your work so much ! Thank you for sharing it !

  225. Gitta #

    Being an architect and knowing what it means to work with paper and 3D imagination, your stuff is fabulous! Always impresses and inspires me. Keep up the good work and send a book to Los Angeles ;)!

  226. Linda #

    Would love to win this on Valentines day!!

  227. Would love to have a copy?

  228. I would love love love to win your book! I cross my fingers and hope that i will be the lucky obe!

    xx Julie.

  229. Kamille #

    Sending love and great application for your site from Canada.
    Would love to book to do more and have a great resource at my fingertips.

  230. Elissa #

    I really love your work! It always brightens my day whenever I see a new post.

  231. Oh my!
    Would loooove to have your book. Your ideas are so inspiring, to do with my kids and to use in mybsnail mail. Perfect!

  232. Satu #

    Oh, please, let it be me :)

  233. Stephanie Alipio #

    I love your blog, and I didn’t realize that DIY paper art is pretty easy if it weren’t for your tutorials :)

  234. Mike #

    I’d love a copy of your book! I check you blog every day. It’s one of my favorites.

    I just completed a string of 100 Christmas tree mini-lights with your shapes (dodecahedron, stars, etc.) attached to every other light. We have the lights strung around the kitchen on a timer set to turn on when it gets dark. Everyone who sees the set wants one. The shapes are made of Spectrascope paper which comes in really bight colors.

    Thanks for all your terrific ideas.

  235. Damaris Müller #

    How great! A book full of your cool geometric paper crafts. I would LOVE – no adore to have one!

  236. Soonya #

    I would looove to have one!!

  237. omg! over 230 comments and 5 chances to win:) nevermind I must have that book anyway:DDDD

  238. Gerhard #

    You have realy great stuff on your site, would like to have the book.

  239. I love your work, really inspiring!

  240. Matisse #

    I would love this!

  241. Wivian #

    Uhhh winning your book would be great.

  242. Alice #

    Reply from a Dutch fan of you! ;-)

  243. Lez #

    oww <3 ! such enjoyable idea! to have a copy = release imagination! And..entries close on the 14th February..well…be my valentine! ^_^

  244. i love the way you share your creative ideas! keep it on! :)

  245. Mette Herskind #

    I’m so inspired by all your wonderful, creative ideas. I would so love to win a book! Kind regards, Mette

  246. Wow, that would be helpful for me, especially since I’m starting on crafting :D

  247. Marisa Skowronski #

    I would absolutely love a copy of your books! your ideas are so creative and beautiful! <3

  248. Kate #

    How exciting! Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

  249. Lena Trgka #

    so so cute! I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  250. Amanda #

    I love your designs! I used the pop-up heart card last Valentine’s Day and liked that it wasn’t soppy like so much other Valentine’s stuff.

  251. vikingaflicka #

    Yay, one for Bavaria :-)

  252. Love all your printable designs, can’t wait to see your book!

  253. mysteries #

    I’d love this, it looks great!

  254. Helene S #

    I love what you can do with your hand and a sheet of paper ! i’m always in awe of you! I would love your book!

  255. effie #

    I would love to win a copy!

  256. What a great giveaway! Count me in, please!

  257. Katie #

    I love your impact on paper – and have made a valentine based on your templates in the past (and it was the best received valentine I’ve ever made, and I make one every year). Big fan.

  258. Dolly #

    Yay! I love mini-eco!

  259. ursula #

    pick me! pick me! need this book in my life!!

  260. karin #

    Love your work! may be I¨m lucky and get one.great

  261. I would love love love to have this book!

  262. maria karfi #

    I would love to have a copy and try new crafty ideas! love from greece!

  263. Hodaya #

    Thanks for sharing your ideas :)
    wish u the best !

  264. Gizela #

    you’re such an inspiration!

  265. Anat Safran #

    Love it! Love everything you do! greetings from sunny Tel Aviv

  266. Paulette Inman #

    Ooo, ooo … Pick me, pick me! :D

  267. your book has been on my wish list for months, but I still don’t have it ! I would be soooo pleased to make all the beautiful things from it !

  268. Cecilie #

    I would LOVE to win this book. Your blog is amazing!


  270. Love it, want it, neeeed it! :D

  271. Fränzi #

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    It is so perfect !!!

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    Your designs and tutorials have made me appear a genius in the eyes of my four year old and for that I am thankful. I haven’t yet confessed that I steal all of the ideas from your website!

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    That is so nice of you! Getting the book signed by you is super exciting.
    Your blog is very inspiring, and presented in a way that even a non-crafty person like me could try out the projects, thanks to your wonderful tutorials. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing out the artsy crafty side of me and many others out there :) love your ideas!!!

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    I wish much success and good things for you!

    Thanks for all and congratulations!
    (I hope the book comes to Brazil!)

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    Fingers crossed

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    Sarah :)

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    From far flung Singapore

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    Melinda K. x

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    Minieco is somewhere I am certain to find something cute, cheerful and equally easy to make! The Halloween garland, ghost treat box, paper cut gems, origami star and mini medallions are the things I tried and am extremely glad to have these! :)

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    Let us know asap.
    Leila x

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    And your book: all I say is that this rectangle would fit perfectly in my bookshelf. Thanks for everything, Antonia

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    Love your blog, it is a big inspiration :)

    Best wishes


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  442. Natalie Hingee #

    I stumbled on your website & blog by accident & have never looked back. I love Eco friendly craft for kids. Your downloads are fantastic & so much fun, I don’t know who loves them more, the kids or me! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  443. what a great gift. I would love to win it.

  444. Paris cheetham #

    Even if I don’t win I’ll be buying a copy of this!!! Your templates are so easy to use I spend hours procrastinating (when I should be working on my own business) !!
    Love it all!! Especially the new valentines wrap!!

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    I’d love to have your book :))

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    Thanks for sharing !

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    What a great opportunity and thanks for sharing!

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    I <3 this blog! There is so much insperation to be found here and every time a newsletter pops into my inbox I get excited to see what you have instore for us this time! I'd adore a book :) x

  463. Wow, so much comments, but it’s worth trying, tanks for that, love your work ! :D

  464. Sofie mariacourt #


    I’m from belgium and would love a copy of your book.
    The children i workshop with love your ideas and it’s easy and fun to teach them tjonge like colors and stuf throw your crafts

  465. Tom #

    your work truly inspire me! thank you so much for the sharing!


    Tom, Israel

  466. You are the queen of craft! i would love to share this book with my 9 year old daughter.

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  468. barbaram #

    well, thank you!
    I wish I am that lucky :)

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  477. fanny´s mummy #

    Good luck for mummy,daddy,fanny and kilian! We love to prepare paper diamonds, balloon bongo´s, elastic band guitars … also the great-stellated-dodecahedron! Your blog inspires me so much!

    it would be fantastic, if the copy comes to Salzburg, Austria

    <3 <3 <3

  478. kate #

    brilliant and beautiful. so inspiriting!

  479. kathyS #

    Great site; great book. Best wishes from PA in the US.

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  481. pick me! pick me! :)))
    fabulous work, beautiful book!
    wish you tons of success!

  482. I am huuugeeee fan of your craft ideas! Keep my fingers crossed to have this book :)
    Greetings from sunny Sofia


    My daughter is your biggest fan!

  484. Maggie #

    Love your blog, love your work!

  485. Fun #

    Love your blog. My kids really enjoyed making and giving away the Lego snow globes! Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas:)

  486. Hello, I really wish your book, I wrote to a Santa, but he may be forgot:-(. Hmmm, may be it is far to Czech Republic. But I will be proud if I’ll have a copy, and we will read the book from beginning to the end! I like to work with paper, and with children we try most of yours ideas. We like your ideas, go ahead, please! best regards Vlaďka

  487. I’d love a copy of your book but buying it isn’t an option for a poor student like me ._.

  488. Kim #

    I just love all your fabulous ideas and your generosity in sharing them is very much appreciated. A copy of your book would be the icing on the donut, for me. Teehee.

  489. Seamus Houlihan #

    What a wonderful idea!

  490. Rui Lim #

    I’ve literally read through your whole entire blog! I’m crazy in love with all of your projects, and I’ve tried out a few Christmas ones myself :) (Love the pop up tree card!) Honestly, it’d be the best present ever to win your book x

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    Lovely ideas and site!

  492. Skaiste #

    glad to hear you published a book! sure thing i would love to own it !!!

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    I just discovered your blog recently, only to notice that I had already seen lots of your lovely tutorial floating around online. A book of all your work would be a great thing to own.

  494. Ouh la la!!!

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    wow! Awesome..I hope to have luck ;)
    I love your site..greets from italy


    Lovely blog and brilliant ideas!

  497. Ivete Bastos #

    I love MiniEco! If I win, I would like to have a signed copy of the book! :D

  498. Daniela #

    I love the paper, its smell, its versatility, I love to create and manipulate the paper … I really like your creations and it would be really nice to have a copy of your book! thank you very much

  499. Maris #

    I’d love to win a copy! Thanks for making the giveaway international.

  500. Matisse #

    Wow what a great oppurtunity, I would love to have one. You are such an inspiration for me, it would be an honor. Fingers crossed, I am absolutely dying to get my hands on some if your crafts. Xoxoxoxo.

  501. Lucia #

    I trust we will have as much fun with this book as we had/still have with your first book. Your first book is also a well recieved gift at birthdayparties!

  502. Emma #

    yes please!

  503. Sarah #

    Nothing cheers me up more from a boring day of work/chores than having a look at some creative things to do that allow you to disconnect and dive into the world of creation!
    Your blog was a great discovery to me! and I love receiving the updates! All I need now is for your book to sit on my desk while I work, to help me get through the day faster, looking forward to an evening of arts and crafts! ;)

  504. I would love to win a copy to share with my children! They enjoy looking through your blog and trying papercrafts.

  505. Polly #

    I would love love love a copy of your book!!!!
    Love following your blog. Thanks for your inspiration : )

  506. Ann #

    Ahoy Matey! I found your website/blog whilst Pinterest-surfing. What a ‘treasure’ (my first find was your paper folded gems!)! I felt like I’d struck GOLD! Congratulations on your latest book and I am always excited when I open my email to find Mini-Eco has sent me another!

  507. Eve #

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    I like your blog so much and there are some very cool ideas :)) Would love to win a copy of your book. Greetings from Bulgaria!

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    Your ideas are absolutely awesome. This year I have done the LEGO halloween skulls anad pac-man, and recently mi older son’s birthday cards using your space invaders.

    Really great. Greetings

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    Thanks for such great ideas and tutorials. I really enjoy your website and would love to have your book as well :-)

  512. Jodie #

    This book looks nice.

  513. Christele #

    Hello there, thanks for organizing this giveway.
    You have very inspiring ideas and it’d be great to have your book, especially as the day when you pick the winners will be my birthday :)
    Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your great ideas!

  514. I am a collector of paper crafts, especially pop-up books created and published by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. The paper craft ideas and tutorials, especially easy to follow instructions with photos and templates, by MiniEco are inspiring and encourage the cards and gifts I enjoy making for family and friends as gifts.

  515. nuria #

    It would be a dream!

    Kisses from Barcelona.

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    I would like to thank you for your website. I find always good ideas and beautifull things.
    You are very generous :-)
    thank you again !!

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    I’ve just seen your post as I was really busy during the last weeks with my exams & recovering from a skiing accident on christmas – luckily I finished all pop up 3d christmas cards in november (i did all of them you’ve posted on your blog) – and the response was awesome – people loved your cards :) so i would be happy to try out more of your

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  526. cecilia pique #

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    Exciting! Lots of your projects on my ‘to-make’ list.

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    Hi Kate
    Totally addicted to your blog. I made white 3D crystals for our christmas tree and now i am working on different projekts for my little boy’s new room.

  530. I would be so happy to get a copy and show it here in TEL AVIV!!!!

  531. bolelay #

    It’s always fun seeing your creations: the colors, shapes, 2D or 3D, how clean/neat your lines are, geometric, retro 80s, modern, and more. And, your work reminds me of a dear friend/co-worker whom I met 2 years ago, and how I enjoyed making Christmas flower balls out of folded sheets of scratch paper with her. It was all her idea. We made the Christmas flower balls as our office Christmas decor. It was a contest among the different departments of the company we were working for, and the theme was to create the best Christmas decor out of recycled materials. It would be nice to have your book, and I’m thinking of giving it to my friend as a gift for her birthday. =)
    Mabuhay! from the Philippines!

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    I love your DIYs :) I promise you I would cherish the book!


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    Kat x

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    I’ve been meaning to buy this book anyways (if I ever some spare money), I love all of your little crafts and projects.
    They look really pretty and impressive, and I’m surprised at how easy they are when I get round to working on them.
    I have so many of the paper garlands hanging on my wall that it looks like I’ve thrown a party.

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    It looks like it’d be very unlikely to be sorted… but I will try anyway! Yay :)

  547. I love receiving your emails, and your sharing designs is like a gift in the mail! Though I’m a glue all over fingers kind of crafter I love paper craft and as an artist and teacher often share what I know with others. it completes the circle!

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    You do really beautiful work, would love to use the book to create something.

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    ooo, pick me. pick me. :)

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    I would love to get your book!
    Follow your blog and have made a lots of your stuff and published on instagram (jozojohanna).

  561. Roxanne #

    Since young, I was never good with anything arts and craft. My teacher would even shame me in front of the class by deliberately showing my awful piece to everyone and went on to give a verbal dissertation on why my art piece was garbage. It wasn’t my fault that I’m not gifted and I shun away from any handiwork ever since.

    However, all these changed when I chanced upon your blog. U made crafting so easy for people like me and I really appreciate it so much. Well, at least I know I can make gift boxes, learning materials for my kids…

    Thank you Kate. And even if I don’t win the book, that’s ok because this is what I’ve been wanting to let you know :)

    • Soledad #

      :) :) que mal ese profesor! Qué suerte que pudiste dejar eso de lado y descubrir que todos podemos hacer cosas y que lo más lindo es el tiempo que le dedicamos y le regalamos al otro!

  562. Shelley Koogle #

    Recently retired and enjoying more time to craft and LOVE your stuff. Keep it up.

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    Hope your big fan from sunny Singapore will get a copy! :)

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    Thanks from Switzerland!

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    You crafty genius, you. Have a fun day.

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    Thanks from IRAN

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    I’d love to win a copy – I’m already a big fan of your book “eco-friendly crafting with kids”, which my sister gave me for christmas.
    Best wishes from Germany!

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    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity

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  596. Bonjour,

    Pourquoi pas un petit commentaire en français ? :)
    Bravo pour votre site, quelle créativité ! Comme beaucoup de vos fans, j’aimerais aussi avoir un exemplaire de votre livre mais la compétition s’annonce rude ! ^^
    En tout cas merci beaucoup pour toutes ces bonnes idées et l’amusement qu’elles nous procurent.
    Thanks à lot and keep going ! :)

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    Matisse xoxoxo

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    Isa xx

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    thanks xx :)

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    • alexia day #

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    DIY love from DK!


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  621. Phoebe L #

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    Would love to win your book, thanks for the chance.

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    I love your webside. Hope to get a copy of your book. Fingers crossed.

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    I always enjoy receiving your newsletters to see what wonderful ideas you’ve bought to life.
    I have made a few of your things including the excellent gems that make the most fabulous hanging mobile for my little girl and the printable wrapping papers are excellent, not only for use as wrapping papr but also to create fabulous patterned origami flowers

  661. Madelon #

    I would love to win this! I made so much stuff allready from your site! :)

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    my kindest from germany

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    i’ve been following you for a while now, i really like the clear lines of all your projects
    kudos, lady
    you’ve got some amazing talent

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    Thank you for writing such an inspiring beautifull blog!

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    Hi Kate,
    I am receiving your newsletters since more than one year now. Your each & every idea is worth trying. My son loves a lot your origami tips and make the things exatly like you explain. Love to read your ideas and try it. Keep doing. And of course, keep sharing too.
    Hope your husband will like new giftwrap and soon become romantic as you wish :).

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    Your Heart-Card-Ideals for Valentines are Great. It would be great to win one of your Books.

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    Je tente ma chance ! J’adore votre travail et l’utilise souvent avec mes garçons. Et même si mon anglais n’est pas parfait, le découpage et le pliage c’est universel !! Thanks for sharing and hello from France !

  683. You crafty genius. I’m about to teach a shape and symmetry and 3D shapes unit at school and I’ll be using your ‘nets’. The ids will love it. Me too!

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    very inspiring, hope that i can win a copy!!!:)) <3

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    Keep the great ideas coming. Much love,


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    Thanks for all your ideas so nicely shared! I hope the book sells well!

    Best regards


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    Pick me, send it to a big fan from MEXICO!!!

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    And keep on working like that!

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  709. Sharon Golden #

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    ps Good Luck on your teacher training. Is a knackering job but worth it!

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    I love your paper crafts. I had to ask a friend of mine to bring her printer over so I can finally print out some templates tonight. I’m so excited! I’ve just started crafting/diying, and paper is definitely my favorite medium. Thanks for making your projects and templates for us to use. :)

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    Amazing work! I’m currently making the pop-up hearts for my friends on Galentine’s Day and it is so much fun :) Looking forward to your many books in the future!

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    Absolutely adore your work Kate, you are truly an incredible designer/artist/person. You make peoples’ lives happier through craft and paper! <3

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    I loved your first book and I want to read the second, too.

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    I want this because I love your blog so much. You have no idea how much it means.

    Thanks fortune blog and yeah.

    Stevie xoxo

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    love your style & creativity!

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    i’m a high school student attending school of applied arts and design.
    I’d be the happiest girl alive if you send me your book cause then i won’t have to ask my mom to buy it. Even if you don’t, thanks for the opportunity and inspiration. Stay well! Love from Zagreb, Croatia.

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    I’m a Peruvian student
    I I discover minieco thanks to my own research I found it when I was looking for DIY proyect
    And now that I finally found you
    Everything is so inspiring
    Hope I can win this book
    So I can start somo proyect on my own

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    .Regards from NYC.

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    However this site of yours is awesome and have helped me a lot!
    I managed to find some ideas for special events.
    P L E A S E E E…. Y O U R B O O K W I L L D E F I N I T E L Y M A D E M Y D A Y

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    New inspiration is a grate way to welcome the spring!

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    Thanks Kate for making our lives so colorful!
    Rahel and Alva

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    I hope to be one of the winners.

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    Paper Folding Fiend :)

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    Hello, I just randomly stumbled onto your website when I googled “origami gemstones.” I love the look of your site and that it’s devoted to paper crafts. In your “About” section you mention the “excessive” color of the site. I love excessive color! The more riotous, the better!! You site is beautiful visually and I love that you use a ton of color while maintaining a minimalistic feel overall. I’m going to have to work my way through all your projects !

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