Paper Liquorice Allsorts

I♥ Liquorice Allsorts!! So much so that I have made these super-size paper templates.

Paper Liquorice Allsorts // Minieco

You could make a really cool kids mobile with them…or you could use them for gifts.

Paper Liquorice Allsorts // Minieco

If you make anything with them do let me know!

Paper Liquorice Allsorts // Minieco

I have been really rubbish on email lately – Sorry if you are still awaiting a reply from me. I only have one day a week to work on minieco so getting a post up is always such a rushed affair. (I’m training to be a teacher at the moment!)

Paper Liquorice Allsorts // Minieco

Paper Liquorice  Allsorts // Minieco

Paper Liquorice Allsorts // Minieco

Here are the links:

For best results set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘best photo’.

Liquorice Allsorts #1
Liquorice Allsorts #2
Liquorice Allsorts #3
Liquorice Allsorts #4
Liquorice Allsorts #5
Liquorice Allsorts #7
Liquorice Allsorts #8
Liquorice Allsorts #9
Liquorice Allsorts #10

Let me know if you have any problems.

Kate ^_^


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37 Comments Leave yours

  1. orinailah #

    ohhhh i’m totally in love with them! what about gummy bears?

    • Kate #

      Thanks orinailah. Gummy bears would be very ambitious! ^_^

  2. Those are great. Love them!

  3. Ella #

    I love them!

  4. I think these are beautiful, thank you so much for the PDFs, I love your idea about making a mobile out of them. just adorable I want to eat them all.

  5. I just saw these and instantly thought MOBILE! I recently moved to Finland and we’re expecting our first and this would just be such a fitting addition to the room. Kind of cheeky (because the Finnish are obsessed with liquorice and our favourite just happens to be the allsorts) but also super graphic (which is what I want. Black and white with little hints of colour here and there). Thank you for giving me what I wanted without even knowing I wanted it!

    • Kate #

      Yay for that! Funny to hear that allsorts are a hit in Finland. Good luck with your little bundle…such an exciting time :)

  6. Here in the U.S., I’ve never heard of Allsorts. Is it a brand name? Love the way they look. Want to try some. Great work on the teacher training. What kind of teacher? Art teacher? Elementary education?

    • Kate #

      Hi Judy. It is a brand name. They have been around for eons. I am training to be a primary teacher (age 4-7)! A complete career change for me – loving it so far :)

  7. sue #

    Wonderful, delicious and non fattening! I think they will be so much fun to do, thank you for sharing such a wonderful thing with us,

  8. Carien #

    These are so great! Thank you so much ! :)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely boxes!!!! You have a great imagination and everything you do comes out just perfect!!!! Thanks again!!

    • Kate #

      Thanks Simona ^_^

  10. Just found your book in a cute little German DIY-Store. I’m sooooo in love with it right know :3

    • Kate #

      Hi Dana….thanks for letting me know and thanks for the kind comments. It’s good to know it’s out there somewhere.

      Kate ^_^

  11. Vera #

    Sweeet! Thanks so much! :)

  12. Pew #

    These are fab! Some of my latter attempts were a bit wonky at the seams (attempted too many in one sitting!), but thought this actually added to the authenticity. Wondering how to recreate the blue ‘bobbly’ one… I’m thinking colouring polystyrene beads… :)

  13. So cool! My son and I are going and to LOOOVE doing these together! Thank you!
    ALSO : so glad to hear that someone with real talent is going to be part of the very important job of teaching the next generation!!

  14. Michelle E #

    Kate these are absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. Good luck with your teaching. xx

  15. Linda Weeks #

    May I inquire as to what adhesives you use for a project like this? I’m having all manner of issues with adhesives. Been using these little rollers, some of which have a little square 2 way stickum on them, some have these little dots, but those roller things can be kinda frustrating too. Sometimes they just stop, just when you need them to stick! You have a favorite kind?
    Thank you!!

  16. All of your creations are so wonderful. Just love these especially. Thanks.

  17. jet #

    awesome and just cute and soooo yummie. love it. thank you for the sharing:-D

  18. Trinidad #

    one quick look and i thought they were your paper geometric version of sushi rolls

  19. I’ll definitely be trying these for my dad’s birhday!! He loooves liquorice allsorts : when I was a child, he would eat a whole packet over the weekend, and my mom would squin her eyes and scowl! (I was more of a chocolate kid). So great!

  20. Love these! Looking so cute!

  21. sam #

    so yummy!!!

  22. Charlotte #

    I hope I bee the one:)

  23. Oh wow I have only just stumbled across your blog. I love it and I would so like to win this give away!

  24. Ditte #

    Hello from Denmark. And thank you for these amazing templates.. I just have one question; I can’t find number #6? I guess it’s the round black one. Would love to make that one too :-)

    • Kate #

      Hi Ditte,

      Sorry for the confusion. There is no number 6 (crazy logic I know).

      The black one is template 10.

      Kate ^_^

      • Ditte #

        Ahh, now I see. Thought I’d looked through all of them, but apparently not. Thank you so much :)


  25. Gosh. Those are so clever. I think they are fantastic.

  26. Rie #

    I love these, but what kind of paper should a print on? Normal printer paper? //Rie

  27. I just discovered your website via Pinterest. I love it so much!
    I have “linked” your page to my facebook page
    Many thanks for sharing so many beautiful DIY ideas!

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