Easter ‘origami bunny’ treat box

Hello! Last year I made some ‘origami bunny’ chocolate bar wrappers and I thought the bunny would look nice on these treat boxes. The design is really minimal and suitable for kids and grown-ups.

Easter 'origami bunny' treat box

If you want to make a real origami bunny then check out this post at howaboutorange.

Easter 'origami bunny' treat box

Are you making anything for Easter? If so do tell!

Easter 'origami bunny' treat box

The sun has finally started shining in the UK after a long, wet winter. I’m already in the mood for summer and have been working on some geometric icosahedron ice creams! Can’t wait to show you them in a week or so. Until then, happy crafting!

Easter 'origami bunny' treat box

Easter 'origami bunny' treat box

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Free Fonts #4

I‘ve just stumbled across Filiz Sahin’s website and found lots of really lovely free fonts to download. They are only available as .eps, .ai and .ps files so you will need Illustrator or Photoshop in order to use them. Hopefully they will be available as .ttf files soon!

My favorite is this hand painted font called Mink Type. You can download here. Thanks Filiz!

Free font // Mink Type // Filiz Sahin

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♥ Tumblr!

I have finally opened a Tumblr page. It’s a work in progress so not fully up to date yet.

I would love very much for you to ‘follow’ me. Then I can follow you! (I have ’1′ follower at the moment so it’s a bit lonely over there!!). Happy Saturday.


Kate ^_^

You’re a gem // pop-up card

It’s mothers day in the UK at the end of March and I wanted to come up with a nice idea for a card. I decided to recycle my paper-cut gems from a previous post and made these cool popup cards.

You're a gem // pop-up card // minieco

There are six gems to choose from if the diamond doesn’t appeal to you.

You're a gem // DIY pop-up card // minieco

You're a gem // DIY pop-up card // minieco

You can also make a ‘paper-cut’ version of the round gem. It looks fantastic if you stick some shiny foil inside the card.

You're a gem // DIY papercut card // minieco

The templates are at the foot of the post if you fancy giving this project a go!

You're a gem // DIY pop-up card // minieco

Happy Monday all ^_^

You're a gem // DIY papercut card // minieco

- – – – – – – – – –
+ Thin white card for the gems
+ Good quality A4 paper (in whatever colour you fancy)
+ Sharp craft knife
+ Scissors
+ Ruler
+ Glue

- – – – – – – – – – –

1. Print out the gem templates. Cut out your chosen gem. For best results please use a sharp craft knife.

2. Print the card template. Cut it out and fold it in half.

3. Cut out the tab that will fit inside the card and fold it along the solid lines.

4. Glue the tab to the card as shown.

5. Make sure that you can fully open and fully close the card.

6. Stick your gem to the tab using some glue.

7. Print and assemble the envelope. Job done!

- – – – – – – – -

For best results set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ and ‘grayscale’

+ Popup card template [PDF]
+ Popup card – gems [PDF]
+ Paper-cut card template [PDF]
+ Envelope (for both cards) [PDF]


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MiniEco: A Craft Book

You can read more about my latest book here!

Mini eco book!

  • DIY: macrame plant hanger

  • DIY: fruit magnets

  • DIY Letter Favor Pouches

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