Paper Owl Mask

Hello all,

I hope you are all well and preparations for Halloween are going well. Paperchase asked me to design a mask for Halloween. I have a thing for owls so it seemed only natural to make an owl mask.

Autumn Colourway

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

All you need to make the mask is a printer, some ribbon and a selection of papers. I’ve tried two different colourways – do message me pictures if you make a mask and try a different selection of colours – I would love to see them.

Click here to go to the Paperchase blog and get the printable files otherwise you can click here to see more minieco Halloween projects.

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Rainbow Colourway

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Happy Halloween
Kate ^_^

33 thoughts on “Paper Owl Mask

  1. Hi Kate!
    This mask is absolutely beautiful as everything you make! Yesterday i’ve made some leaf wreaths, and now was looking for something to make with my daughter to play, something “autumn”.. gotta try this mask…
    I am a designer, but have also worked for 5 years in a kindergarten. Now im on maternity leave and staying home with my daughter. I always liked changing things around the house, painting walls, making garlands, light features, stuff like that… what you make has inspired me many times. When i worked in the kindergarten, mostly of the time on art lessons, we’ve executed some of your crafts, and they always came out great! Now with my daughter, helped me out me on her birthday party decoration.. I’ve had all decoration set, but something seemed to be missing.. than i saw your beautiful fruit garlands that were exactly the theme of the party we had, and they came out so cool!!
    Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful ideas!!!

  2. Please help!! I want to make this mask times 22 in three days for my kindergarten class but the links say oops…Is there any way to get the templates? I would very much appreciate it!!! THANK YOU!

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