‘shake-it’ confetti wrap

I really like this gift-wrap. It’s a perfect way of using up paper scraps and there are no bows to get squashed. The best bit is that it moves around when you shake it.

'shake-it' confetti wrap // by minieco

If you are struggling to buy clear cellophane then try your local florist (that’s where I got mine from – and it was really inexpensive).

'shake-it' confetti wrap // by minieco

I can see a winter snowflake version coming on already!

'shake-it' confetti wrap // by minieco

'shake-it' confetti wrap // by minieco

'shake-it' confetti wrap // by minieco


- – – – – – – – – –
+ Plain wrapping paper
+ Coloured paper
+ Clear cellophane
+ Sticky tape
+ Holepunch
+ Scissors
+ Ruler

- – – – – – – – – –

1. Wrap your gift in some plain paper. Neutral colours work well (you could even use brown craft paper).

2. Wrap your gift in cellophane – remember to leave one end open.

3. Get out your hole-punch and make some confetti!

4. If you want some shiny confetti then grab some tinsel and give it a haircut (very quick and easy)

5. Pour your confetti mix into the open end of your cellophane wrapped gift. You may need to give it a bit of a nudge to get it to go down the gaps.

Yay. Job done ^_^

'shake-it' confetti wrap


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  1. i love this idea! perfect :)

  2. Aida #

    I like the way you think outside the box! This is a brilliant idea and I look forward to impressing people with this packaging ;)

    • Kate #

      Thanks for the kind compliment Aida. Happy wrapping.

  3. Thats this years christmas wrapping paper sorted! Thank you!
    It’s a brillant idea

    (Loving the whole blog too!)

  4. That is SUCH a brilliant idea! I love your confetti version (everything confetti, really), but totally see this happening with kraft paper and white snowflakes as well. So many possibilites!!

    • Kate #

      Agree…I’m going to buy a snowflake punch!

  5. I just fell in love with this idea! Pinning, thanks!

  6. Brilliant. I love your blog, share everything! Keep posting all your creative and fun ideas, we are always inspired!

  7. Jen #

    I want to give someone a gift just so I can try this. How clever!

  8. April #

    ooh you could also do a pink/red/white heart combo for valentines day?? love your tutorials and fun craft ideas :)

    • Kate #

      I have a heart punch – yay!

  9. Wow! What a brilliant, fun idea! Cannot wait to try this for my friends birthday coming up :)

  10. Linda K #

    wow, what a wonderful, fun technique for wrapping a gift. And the stuffing will get all over the place. I love it. Thanks so much. Just love all your ideas.


    And….. I love to let the confetti live on the floor for a few days…it makes me happy!

  12. I HAVE A SNOWFLAKE PUNCH!!!!!!! Thank for the ideas, I LOVE your website! Sorry for the overexcited shouting!!!! xxxx

    • Kate #



      I love ebay.

      Will post a festive version soon.

  13. This is the best thing ever. All of my gifts will from now on be wrapped with “shake it” confetti.

  14. I am absolutely in love with this idea. You always come up with such clever and original ideas. Love.

  15. Deepti #

    Oh my! This is just the awesomest wrapping idea ever. And I’ve never commented earlier to this…but i LOVE your blog…you have the most amazing ideas, the most ridiculously eye-pleasing colour sense, everything about this blog is so lovely! Will look forward to the next post eagerly!

    • Kate #

      Thanks Deepti – lovely to see so many people commenting on this post….it’s been very quiet here of late!

      Kate ^_^

      • Deepti #

        Aw no! I’ll make it a point to comment more often from now! Mini Eco doesn’t deserve the quiet. =)

  16. Ohhhhh super! wonderfull packaging (my english is very bad…) I love your blog, voy a compartir un link a este post en mi blog! :)

    • Kate #

      Hello, your English is heaps better than my attempts in any other language! Yes, of course you can share the post.

      Kate ^_^

  17. Lalitha #

    I think this is such a neat and original idea. I can see my 3 yr old neice going crazy shaking her package. Thanks for all the beautiful things you share.

  18. You made my day! Thanks for this little piece of happiness…

  19. Ok… You are just the coolest!!! How fun to make & receive I just love this idea! :) Michelle

  20. This is so fun! I think a snowflake version would be awesome! Great idea :)

  21. Ronbon #

    So nicely presented – I’m confused though:

    Is this just a double wrapped gift?

    If it is just wrapped twice with confetti between 2 layers, your recipient will pick open the cellophane tabs and have a bunch of confetti dumped in their laps.

    Is the confetti sealed effectively between the coloured paper and the cellophane?

    • Kate #

      Hi Ronbon,

      It is. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are (or the type of person you are giving the gift to).

      I love confetti (and have no problem with it in my lap or on my floor) – confetti’s job is to get everywhere and to remind you of happy times (for example, when you find a bit behind the sofa 4 weeks after the event!).

      Having said all that my husband is a neat-freak so I probably wouldn’t wrap his gift like this….

      You can always use sticky see through paper – the kind that you cover books in….but your confetti won’t move then. Check out Hello Sandwiches lovely confetti bow tutorial for non-messy inspiration:

      Kate x

  22. What a wonderful Idea! I am going to use it for sure! Thanks!

  23. Such a great idea! Love it! I’ll give it a try!

  24. Lis #

    Hi! I’ve just found this site with such wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing them and inks to other resources (free fonts, etc)! Saludos desde Argentina!

    • Kate #

      *waves to Argentina*

  25. Lis #

    Sorry, it should say “links”, not “inks” :)

  26. Ashvin #

    Simply wonderful idea. Out of the box thinking. You are brilliant Kate. Keep it up.

  27. jet #

    awsome idea, some years ago you could buy like your wrapping such ones as cards.
    there were many different kinds, with aids bandings to say get well soon, and with confetti for a birthday.
    with nails inside or other small items for every special event there was somethingelse to find.
    I loved them all.
    but this i had never seen. well done, and thank you very much for sharing this tute with us all.
    very genoursly of you;-D

  28. Thank you, this is simple yet very creative and just wonderful!

  29. Gio #

    every year, I wrap my xmas presents with some sort of theme. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration for this year!!

  30. Gillyann #

    This is so adorable! Omg thank you for sharing this ❤️

  31. Hoot!
    I wrap like this, too!
    BEAUTIFULLY rendered and shared, minieco — as always! I’m sure you will inspire many people, as you always do. It’s just a fantastic easy way to create a “party in a box!”

    On a personal note, It’s fun and dazzling when such an accomplished creator like you shares my idea of wrapping fun! Do you ever collaborate? (I’m a “newbie blogger’ compared to you but … a FOREVER creator —- in fact, this (confetti gift wrap) was the very first gift wrap post I ever posted at willowday.(Jan 20, 2012) and would be thrilled if you were interested. Just seeing this and thinking about it makes me smile: I shot those first photos in the dead of winter in Sweden with an old, old, camera and what felt like 2 minutes of sun light!! – ) Again, beautifully shot and for sharing my confetti love! Happy Confetti days

    • Kate #

      Yay…lovely to see your version Gina.

      I was initially inspired by Hello Sandwiches confetti bows – you should check them out too.

      I would really love to do more collaborative work but I’m afraid I suffer from lack of time.

      I have two little ones and am also training to become a teacher so mini-eco is very much a part time pursuit.

      Thanks you so much for the comment though Gina. I am now following you via facebook so look fwd to seeing more of your projects.

      Kate ^_^

      • You dazzle me with such a quick response. You are so sweet to respond so quickly and to also share a fantastic link — fresh! I love what I saw there (a confetti bow tie?!) but, was so excited to hear back from you, too — I’m toggling between the two. :-) You win — I’m an honest to goodness fan. Later for the link! …

        Good luck with everything you are pursuing — kids and teaching are a great combination. I’ve actually been teaching part-time for the past 3 years + and loved it but, am taking a leave of absence this year due to the fact that I’m also a freelance designer and mother of 3 (3 born within 3 years – something I’d like to put on a resume some days! Although I suspect my kids are older than yours (elementary aged), the intensity just shifts forms from baby-dom…but, I’m forever sleep challenged) but, all of these things give so much oxygen. I hope that this is the same for you!

        Last, a heartfelt thank you for becoming a FB follower. I’m a creative but technically challenged and trying to improve– in fact, blogging to me too is just a .. notebook of sorts; and still just the craziest idea… knowing this make me feel like posting one more day is a good thing:-) . I thank you for that. That was kind of how I felt when I saw the confetti wrappings…. wishes for continued inspiration and many confetti surprise moments. Warm thanks/gina

  32. Veu #

    So coooooool!

  33. This is such a great idea – absolutely love it and definitely going to try it out myself!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  34. Sheleen #

    Have just discovered your site. This is so clever, well done and I am going to be excited to follow you

  35. WOW #

    brilliant!!! :D

  36. This is awesome! I love it!!

  37. Susie #

    This is so awesome!
    My stepdaughters baby shower is coming up (it’s a girl!) and I’m going to go to the Dollar Tree and get pink baby confetti to use and wrap all her gifts in this!
    Thank you for sharing your ingenuity!!! ;)

  38. you are *the* best. I’m SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU! Your blog makes my day.

    • Kate #

      Yay…thanks for such kind words Gianna ^_^

  39. I love this idea. These photos made my eyes shine a little brighter!

  40. Jaymee #

    I have seen so many awesome packaging inspirations (yours by far is my favorite). When people package with exciting wrap like this, or embellish with cute tags or pom poms, etc., do you then place that in a more secure, boring box for the safety of shipping? I can see this cuteness getting damaged in the mail. Just getting started on etsy so trying to figure this thing out, thanks :)

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