That bracelet!

Apolygies once again for the quiet week….it won’t be long until I’m posting on a more regular basis. I really miss this space and am finding it hard to keep away! Anyway I finally finished that charm bracelet. It’s only taken me 9 months or so!!

Acorn bracelet

It’s made from gold lined acorn caps, and reclaimed beads (in other words, they came from a charity shop ;-)). The toggle clasp came from ebay and I really love it. Job done…finally!

Acorn bracelet

Off topic: I promised a shout out to Lisa who runs a recipe blog for women with gestational diabetes. If you know anyone suffering from GD pass the link on. It’s a great resource.


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  1. Lisa #

    Thanks for the fab plug Kate. The link doesn’t seem to be working but would normally go to Cheers! Lisa x

  2. Barn Owl #

    This bracelet looks soooooooo awesome, and somewhat…nutty…?

  3. Joe #

    Hi Kate!

    I’ve just stumbled across this page whilst looking at bracelets as I plan to make one for my girlfriend. I’m not particularly into jewellery but I think this bracelet is unbelievably beautiful! I know this is a long shot but would you have any idea where i could find any of the beads (especially the owls) or the clasp?
    I’ve had a quick search but cant find anything similar.
    I know this is probably unlikely but i think its worth a try at least.

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