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MiniEco: A Craft Book // Templates

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08: 3D Paper Gems
Paper gem templates (gem a & b)
Paper gem templates (gem c & d)

14: Pop-up Pixel Cards
8 bit popup cards (designs 1, 2 & 3)
8 bit popup cards (designs 1, 2 & 3) – Envelope and outer card
8 bit popup cards (design 4)
8 bit popup cards (design 4) Envelope and outer card

16: Shape garland
Shape garland templates

18: Triangular Envelopes
Triangular envelope template

20: Fruity Boxes
Fruity gift box – Orange
Fruity gift box template – Strawberry
Fruity gift box template – Watermelon

22: Crackers
Cracker template

26: Triangular Cushion
Triangular patchwork how-to (steps 1-8)
Triangular patchwork how-to (step 9)

30: Toy Snake
Triangular patchwork how-to (steps 1-8)
Triangular patchwork how-to (step 9)

32: Lego Sign
Lego font

36: Origami Lampshade
Origami lampshade cutting/scoring plan

40: Celebrate Banner
Coming soon!

44: Spray Chalk Stencils
Stencil grafitti template (gem a)
Stencil grafitti template (gem b)
Stencil grafitti template (gem c)

46: Pixel Invader Pinata
Pixel invader pinata cutting plan

52: Bento Bag
Triangular bento bag – Intsructions

58: Furoshiki Cloths
Mitred hem (aka corner hem) instrctions

62: Great Dodecahedron
Great dodecahedron template – blue
Great dodecahedron template – green
Great dodecahedron template – orange
Great dodecahedron template – pink
Great dodecahedron template

66: Geometric Cardboard Pots
Geometric cardboard pot templates

68: 3D 8-Bit Font
Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Letter W (please use the template for the letter ‘m’ but turn it upside down!)
Letter X
Letter Y
Letter Z

72: Dot Matrix Cards
Dot Matrix Card
Dot Matrix Envelope
Dot Matrix Typeface

75: Hama Bead Candle Holders
HAMA bead weaving – design sheet
HAMA bead weaving – pattern sheet
HAMA bead weaving instructions – Even count peyote stitch
HAMA bead weaving instructions – Odd count peyote stitch

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  1. Hi Gopal,

    Please use the template for the letter ‘m’ but turn it upside down! Sorry for the confusion.

    Kate ^_^

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