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Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

This post is for the minimalists amongst you! (I’m not sure if it’s a step too far but I kinda like it….and it’s a nice way to wrap a chocolate bar for a grown up.)

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

It was inspired by this tattoo.

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

You can print it out on any colour paper you want…it actually looks really nice just on plain white (files are at the foot of the post).

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

Hope you all have a lovely Easter….

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

Since making this I also saw this free printable origami rabbit gift-tag on Do visit…there are lots of nice things to see there.

Edited to add: If you want to fold some real rabbits then check out this origami rabbit tutorial I spotted today on howaboutorange!

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper


Please print this out as ‘image’ or ‘text and image’. If you print it out as text it may not print the dotted lines. You can find the settings in your print dialog.

These wrappers may not fit your bar of chocolate exactly so you may have to cut to size.

Small rabbit wrap (e.g. Fits perfectly on Green & Blacks or Lindt chocolate bars)
Print on A5 paper (½ sheet of A4)

Large rabbit wrap
Print on A4 paper

15 thoughts on “Origami rabbit // chocolate wrapper

  1. Oooh, these are fab! Very nicely geometric. I was a bit gutted as when I went easter egg shopping for m’man I could only find G&B tiny bars- no fair trade or otherwise well-sourced choccy in our little supermarket! But these wrappers are simply perfick. He’ll love it! Thank you!

  2. ‘Boo!’ to the lack of decent sized chocolate bars….’Yay!’ to the fact you like the wrap! Have a lovely Easter


  3. Argh! je viens de voir que j’ai pas recu tes derniers posts , du coup j’ai ratĂ© l’occasion pour le lilvre de Maggy!!!!!!!!
    Bon tant pis, ils sont tous mignons ces lapins!

  4. What a great little project! And, nothing is cuter than a little rabbit (my daughter’s in-family nickname!).

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