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Printable father’s day card // Isometric font

Argggh! I nearly didn’t get there with this one! If you are a slacker (like me ^_^) and haven’t got a card sorted out for father’s day then here’s one you can print out. (I know this may not apply to all as the date on which father’s day falls is different depending on the country you live in.)

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

It’s minimal and manly!

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

Card, envelope and printable wrap at the bottom of the post.

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

(You can customise with highlighter pens if you want to add your own touch)

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

Happy father’s day to all the ace dads out there.

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

Father's day card // Isometric font // free printable

– – – – – – – – –

I recommend printing the card on good quality paper/card. Print the envelopes and wrap on standard paper. Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘best-photo’, ‘plain paper’ and ‘grayscale’.

Father’s day card – with shadow
Father’s day card – without shadow
Father’s day envelope
Father’s day wrap

BTW: I have added a ‘pin-it’ button to all my images so you can pin directly from the image if you want to. If it’s too distracting/annoying please leave a comment and let me know 🙂

19 thoughts on “Printable father’s day card // Isometric font

  1. These are fab, just what I need for Sunday. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Michelle E xx

  2. Hi, just found your site (thanks to your Josephine vase in peppermint magazine) and am in the process of working back through allll your posts. I want to make it all! This particularly caught my eye – it’s exactly the kind if thing my fella loves…. If I can just keep my excitement under wraps it will be a lovely surprise for Father’s Day ( in September)!

  3. Hi Nicole. Glad you found the site. Many thanks for the kind comment. Hope your fella has a nice fathers day. September will be here in a flash! Kate x

  4. so if I have card stock that is the size of a card already (not just a piece of paper,) will I be able to print it on that? (The card stock already has a line through the middle of it for folding.)
    also, what is the wrap for?

  5. Thanks for the great card design. My husband designs fonts, so your card was perfect for him!

  6. kaže:Hvala na savjetu Antune, ali kao sto vidis nisam ni prao ruke, odmah sam nakon mijesanja isao oblikovati hamburgere :DInace to znam i to koristim kada su cevapi u pitanju, kada ima puno njih, a ne ovako kao haHl#rgera&u8230;mvaba vam cure na pohvalama 😀

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