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DIY Ladybird Party Invite

Hello! I’m back and blowing the dust off this blog! Sorry it’s been so long. Life well and truly got in the way! I hope you are all well?!

I’ve seen a few of these ladybird invites around and wanted to have a go at making some. They are very cute and perfect for a summer party. (I’ve been very minimal and haven’t put any eyes on mine – but it would be easy to glue some wobbly eyes on if you wanted to).

DIY Ladybird Party Invite

I also thought this would make a great 30 minute craft project for young children so I’ve made a colour-in version that you can print off.

DIY Ladybird Party Invite

I hope you are all having a lovely summer. We are basking in the sunshine in the UK at the moment which is lovely!

DIY Ladybird Party Invite

DIY Ladybird Party Invite

DIY Ladybird Party Invite

– – – – – – – – – –
+ Good quality A4 paper or thin card (in red and white)
+ Paper for envelope
+ Scissors
+ Small split pins
+ Wobbly eyes (optional)

– – – – – – –

1. Print out the templates (see templates below). Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ and ‘grayscale’. Cut carefully around the outside of the templates.

2. Pierce a hole in the wings and body – you can use a large needle or compass point. Thread the split pin through the holes and pull back the legs on the reverse.

3. Make envelope (see templates below).

4. Write your invitations and send!

– – – – – – –
Invitation body (print on white paper/card) [pdf]
Invitation wings (print on white paper/card) [pdf]
Envelope template [pdf]
‘Cut and Colour’ Ladybird [pdf]
Happy crafting

Kate ^_^

15 thoughts on “DIY Ladybird Party Invite

  1. Hi Kate, Where do you get those teeny weeny split pins from? They are so much nicer than the “normal” size ones!

  2. Hi Louise,

    I got them from WHSmiths years ago. I would imagine that you can buy them in most larger craft stores. ^_^

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