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Easter Bunny Garland // Free Printable

Hello! Spring is beginning to reveal itself here in the south west of England. It’s been such a lovely day that I actually managed to take these photographs outside.

Here is an Easter bunny garland to go with the Easter Bunny Treat box I posted a few weeks ago. I’ve been working on an Easter celebration invite which I’m hoping to post soon!

As well as working on these Easter based printables, I have been designing a quilt which, with the help of my lovely Mum, is beginning to come together. I can’t wait to show you! My intention in the medium term is to make quilt patterns to sell.

Spring is my favourite season and always seems to be full of hope. It’s nice looking forward to new projects. I hope things are well wherever you are.

If you want to make this garland, click here for the free printable.

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21 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Garland // Free Printable

  1. Thanks they are so cute…. only The bunny heads constantly turning over when punched on de sides when dangling. So I punched the ears instead, now they dangle like they are on a washing line

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