Halloween shadow makers

My sons are crazy about torches at the moment and love to hide in the pantry with the lights off scaring one another!! With this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to make them these little shadow makers for Halloween.

Halloween shadow maker

The best thing is that they are very easy to make – all you need is some black paper, a craft knife, sticky tape and some wooden sticks.

Halloween shadow maker

I have scanned in my shadow makers which you can use as a template. Click here to download (pdf). Simply print out the template and cut round the shapes. Alternately you can use the template to trace the ‘shadows’ onto a black piece of paper. I used some wooden coffee stirrers to stick the ‘shadows’ onto. They were the perfect size and free!

Halloween shadow maker

In the next 3/4 days I hope to write a tutorial about making a cereal box shadow theater so stay tuned!


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  1. Morgan #

    I adore these! Can’t wait to make them for my son.

  2. Squeaks #

    Would love a template for these – thank you!

  3. They are wonderful! I’d love the template! Thank you!

  4. Diego's Dad #

    I’m in! Template please.

  5. JM #

    Oh, yes please! Awesome!

  6. Amy #

    I love these! Template please!

  7. found your link on Craftzine … these shadow makers are AWESOME! thanks for sharing your templates. :)

  8. Wow – these are great! Can’t wait to see the theater.

  9. Hello!

    I recently opened an art blog because I’m doing a creativity Workshops in a primary school.
    It’s proupouse is to show the projects made by the childrens who participate on it.
    I really like your blog because you are always proposing new ideas and interesting things to do. I would like to share ideas with you, for that I will link your web site adding your site to my favourite web sites.

  10. Kate #

    Thank you un planeta de manualitats!

  11. Love these. Now on my list for homeschol crafts next week. Thanks.

  12. Trisha #

    So fun! Thank you!

    Something else you can do to add to this is to put the sticks in a decorated can or a glass jar filled with candy corn or even beans and put a votive in it. Put the stick in front of the votive I think and fix things so there is a strong shadow cast and flickering on the wall:)

  13. Kate #

    Great idea Trisha….I confess I had to look up ‘votive’ to see what it meant!! But yes….tealights are on my shopping list in the next few days.

  14. Karin #

    Wow, great results! What fonts did you use on the pictures? It looks so pretty :)

  15. Mischa #

    These are so cool, I love making things! Please can i have a template? Thanx :)

    • Kate #

      Hi Mischa….there is a link to the template in the text above. Have fun!

  16. Celestial Elf #

    Love your shadow makers, they are brilliant :D
    thought you might like my machinima version of Tim Burton’s
    This Is Halloween
    Happy Halloween

  17. I can’t wait to make these for my kiddos! They are obsessed with flashlights right now and I know they’ll just love these shadow makers. Thanks for the template! :)

  18. Casey McCarley #

    Could I get a template, please?!? These are too cute!

    • Kate #

      See link highlighted in yellow above ^_^

  19. Showed you some blog love today. I used your templates for cupcake toppers. Great idea. Best wishes–russ

  20. Stéphanie T #

    Wow ! I would love to do that with some of my students. Could it be possible to get templates please ?

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