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Hama bead weaving continued…

I finally got around to posting some more hama bead weaving images. I decided against baskets in the end and went for candle holders instead!

Hama bead weaving

I had intended to make a whole army of them but we’ve all has a dodgy stomach bug over the last few weeks so it put a bit of a dampner on my plans!

Hama bead weaving

The neon semi-transparent beads worked really well against the opaque white beads and the jars look really pretty with the light shining through them.

Hama bead weaving

I was going to write a proper how-to but there is a really fantastic bead weaving tutorial here which is better than anything I could put together.

Hama bead weaving

Hints and tips:

♥ You will need some shirring elastic, a darning needle and some hama/perler beads.
♥ I would say that hama bead weaving is too fiddly for little kids and best aimed at teenagers or grown ups!
♥ Threading the first few rows is pretty fiddly so don’t be put off by this. After that it’s a piece of cake.
♥ I have found it easier to sketch a design first, rather than trying to figure one out along the way. With this in mind I have put together a printable design sheet here!
♥ You don’t need fancy candles…just use an old glass jar and stick a tea-light inside.
♥ If you don’t fancy candle holders then you can make bracelets, baskets, plant pots and coasters using the same method. You can also use seed beads to create some stunning jewellery. Inspiration here!

Hama bead weaving

If you have any questions then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Happy Monday all!

36 thoughts on “Hama bead weaving continued…

  1. Hi Lililila….you just weave a flat piece just long enough to fit around the circumference of the jar. Then you bring the ends around and weave them together. It should then just slide nicely over your jar.

    If you are still in the dark then let me know and Ill put up some photo’s to explain

  2. Those candle holders are awesome! I’d like to give them a go eventually, but I’d like to give the bracelet a try first. In both the bracelet and the candle holders, did you use mini or midi beads? Also, which packs (colours) and how many packs did you need for both projects? I think I bought the Hama midi pastel pack and that’s definitely not enough to make the bracelet, nor does it contain all the right colurs.

  3. Hi Kennie,

    I’m not sure whether the beads are mini or midi…they have a diameter of 5mm. The tub I had was borrowed from my sister and had an assortment of beads….about 5000 altogether.

    You could probably buy a fleuroescent pack and a white pack and I’m sure they would do the job.

    I’m sure you could make a lovely bracelet or candle cover with the pastel beads though ^_^

    200 beads is more than enough to make a bracelet. I used 765 beads to make the candle holder but obviously it depends on the size of your jar!

    Hope that helps!

  4. you were right, the start is REALLY fiddly, but after that it is sooooooo easy, love it, love it and most of all, my friends loved their gifts!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what he’s saying is, i just know your blog and loved it, i will come back more often.

  6. then you said thanks, sorry i didn’t know!!!!! i forgot what it was “/ awkard!!!

  7. Hi Alana,

    Glad you sorted it. I think iron-on beads are the same as hama beads and perler beads. Happy weaving ^_^

  8. how are you string in out of the perler on your pattern I can not see how you are doing it I
    apperiate if you could send me more info thank you

  9. Hey! I have a big “perler bead board” the one with all of the little spikes on it to hold up the beads. Do you think the pattern would turn out well if I arranged them all on that first, and then started weaving?

  10. Hi there could u show me how to add on the string when u run out please many thanks emma

  11. Hi Emma, Just tie a new piece on – the knot will become hidden inside the beads. Hope that helps. Kate ^_^

  12. I’m absolutely tickled to see this post. I used to love bead-weaving, it was one of the first crafts I taught myself as a kid. That said, I think this craft could be great for the right child. I was pretty obsessed with bead weaving between 9-12.

  13. Hunting for New ideas i Fond you Wonderful page. I would like to know how it works with uneven numbers?
    Many thanks for your help!

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