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Super quick paper toy {flying fish}

We ♥ flying fish! They take about a minute to make and you can use any old scrap of paper. When you have made one simply throw it in the air and watch it spin as it comes down.

Flying Fish

They are ever more fun if you stand on a chair or table before launching them (be careful though!).

Flying Fish


1. Cut a strip of paper. My strip measured about 20cm x 2cm but there is no need for accuracy (hurray!).
2. Cut slits at either end, as shown.
3. Make lots….everyone will want a go!
4. Bend the strip of paper and slot ends together.
5. Throw in the air and watch them spin as they come down (they are impossible to photograph so no photo for this step!).

Kate ^_^

16 thoughts on “Super quick paper toy {flying fish}

  1. talk about instant gratification! we’ve already made a ton and have been drawing on them too. thanks!

  2. So cute. 🙂 I had a blue index card next to me on my desk, so grabbed a pair of scissors and made four little fish for our daughter (love those pre-printed lines to guide my scissors, hehe). Thanks for this quick, cute little craft!

  3. Glad you enjoyed them Ashlea. Hope you are enjoying the snow. We are having a cold snap in the UK at the moment but no snow yet!…..

  4. I did this with my nanny kids, 2 & 3. I had them add a few tiny stickers and color them. They LOVED them! Thanks!! What a simple and fast craft!

  5. wow, what a feeling of dejavue . I don’t want to say retro,because it makes me feel old. But I loved playing with these when I was a Kid, some 40 years ago 🙂

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