Homemade threading beads

Making homemade threading beads really is simple. All you need is a good stick, a few tools and a bit of patience. The end result looks great and would make a wonderful handmade gift for a toddler.

Threading beads

First you need to collect a big stick! I found one on the ground whilst walking in the woods and it was about 3.5cm in diameter. Do make sure you jump up and down on it a bit to make sure it’s not rotten!

Threading beads

Then you simply saw the stick into disks, drill a hole in the middle of each disk and then sand the ends….! I didn’t do any measuring at all – for this project irregularity works well.

I didn’t treat the wood with anything as my little boy is always putting things in his mouth – you could try beeswax though if you wanted to seal the wood.


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  1. What a lovely idea. I’m all for children’s pastimes that use items from nature, they are always so beautiful and tactile – a lot of kids miss out on that in today’s society of plastic toys and computer games!

  2. Hi – I’ve just come across your website and am enthralled! Although, I must confess, you’ve just made my to-do list WAAAY too long :)
    It’s perfect timing for the spring school holidays here in Australia – I’m about to get cracking.
    Thanks for all your work.

  3. Kate #

    Thanks for the wonderful comments Cate and Lillabilly! Enjoy the holidays Cate.

  4. This is a great idea! We’ve got a pile of little birch rounds my daughter plays with on her nature table – looks like I have some holes to drill! I just subscribed to your blog, I can’t wait to see what inspiring ideas come next. Love all the photography!

  5. Kate #

    Thanks Regina….lovely of you to stop by. I think natural building blocks are the best!! :)

  6. We have these too! Love “tree cookies” crafts, as we call them. If you bake the wood after you have cut it and drilled the hole it can help to pull the moisture out which helps preserve it longer and prevents bringing any mildew, mold or small bugs into the house. Just wanted to pass along a tip!
    Stopping by from Child Central Station. Congrats on the blogging award! I am checking out some of the other winners.

  7. Kate #

    Thanks for the tip Abbie….how long and what temp in the oven? :)

  8. Sally Sims #

    As a child care provider, my goal for this year is to rid our center of as much plastic as possible. We are trying to use more natural materials in our play. Thanks for this simple idea.

  9. Kate #

    Ta Sally…carry on with the dream…it’s a good one I reckon! Wish the toy manufacturers would start to think a little differently too x

  10. Oh, I LIKE this idea! I have the blocks, too. But I think I will gather some new and slightly narrower sticks to make these. Or maybe drill holes in my bigger ones and add sticks that my buddies could stidk into the holes!

  11. What a fabulous idea. My son is coming up to three but still loves threading and it’s so good for their fine motor skills. We might have to go and find some sticks this weekend and have a go at this.

  12. Teresa #

    I see how you prepared 1 end of the chord to keep the wood pieces from sliding on but I was curious as to how you prepared the threading end?

    • Kate #

      I just waved it over a lighter so that it melted the cord ^_^ The cord was fairly stiff too.

      • Teresa #

        okay. Thank you!

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