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Paper snowflakes (Yay! It’s nearly the holidays!)

Hello! Things have been getting a little complex around here lately (and I’ve been short on time) so I’ve made some super simple paper snowflakes this week!

Paper Snowflakes

I used some graduated paper which I l-o-v-e. You could also use graduated origami paper. If you want to see the origami paper in action check out this star I made a few years ago. Tissue paper squares are also great for little ones as they are really easy to cut.

I found some instructions at highhopes and they were really easy to follow. You can also learn how to make 5 pointed snowflakes at howaboutorange – I love the idea of using them to cheer up gift-wrap.

You can iron the snowflakes flat but I kind of like the crinkled look!

My kids break up from school tomorrow so this will be my last post for a few weeks.

I’ve been very touched by all your emails, comments and messages of late. The readers who come here get lovelier by the year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you in the new year!

Happy holidays ^_^

6 thoughts on “Paper snowflakes (Yay! It’s nearly the holidays!)

  1. Congratulations, I am Mexican and live in Mexico, sometimes I don’t get the kind of paper used in the crafts, but I like them very much. Congratulations and keep sending us those pretty things. God Bless you!!

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