Guest post: Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho

I had a lovely email last week from a Brazilian Engineering graduate. He send me a hand-drawn template for a paper diamond he had been working on. The diamond is really stunning and is an accurate representation of a real cut diamond. Anyway, I loved it and Jean happily agreed for me to spruce up the template to share on minieco…yay!

Jean writes:

“I’m from a small town between mountains, somewhere in Brazil where the weather is good most of the year round. I’m a recently graduated engineer (a guy, by the way), who doesn’t have much time but still finds some to do crafts, origami, drawings and stuff…
P.S. This template was a gift to a special friend called Laila Zin ( Hi there =] )”

Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho

Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho

Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho

Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho

The diamond model is very beautiful and surprisingly strong. It measures approx 8.5cm wide. It is an advanced paper-crafting project and definitely requires patience! Each diamond took me two hours to make, but I worked pretty slowly and had a few Pinterest breaks!

If you are new to paper-crafting I would recommend you made one of my gems or diamonds as a warm-up!

When making the diamond I would recommend using good quality thick paper. I think card would be too hard to manipulate. I also used double sided tape instead of glue. When you come to constructing the diamond begin by sticking down the tabs nearest to the centre and work your way out.

If you want to leave a comment for Jean please do so…and if you have questions regarding construction you can also leave a comment above and Jean or I will get back to you.

– – – – – – – –
Diamond template (print out this template then refer to the cutting/scoring plan below)
Cutting/scoring plan (cut along the green lines/score along the black lines.)

If anyone gets really stuck and needs some step-by-step images to refer to then do let me know ^_^

Paper diamond by Jean Carvalho


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  1. Aw, I’m so bummed I right now because I’m terrible in crafting. I think a 5-year-old would do a better job in fact.

  2. LOL! Pinterest breaks – I am rather too familiar with what those are! In fact, that’s how I came across your projects. Very fun way to add some fun to the workday, thanks for sharing. :)

    • Kate #

      Yep…it used to just be a cup of tea (or a cheeky glass of wine*). Now it’s a refreshment + 5 minutes on Pinterest :-P

      * Wine in the evening…not got into daytime drinking yet :D

  3. This is amazing! You have such a nice website. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kate #

      Thanks Kenneth…always adored your lampshades by the way…keep putting them in my Houzz ideabooks ^_^

  4. J’aime vraiment beaucoup!
    Je suis fan :-)
    Merci pour le partage!

  5. I would love some photo instructions! In the mean time on the scoring template what do the different colored lines mean?

    • Kate #

      Hi Kim,

      I’ll see if i can get some up. In the mean time cut along the green lines/score along the black lines. Let me know how you get on.

      Kate :)

  6. Amy #

    I love this paper gem by Jean – please let him know it’s amazing! I will have to try this out over my Christmas break – love all your work!

    • Kate #

      Will do Amy…thanks :)

  7. Betsy #

    Hi Kate,
    Have you come across the new ‘Folidfy’ app for iPad yet? We’ve been having great fun playing around with it and I thought that some of your beautiful ‘gems’ would be great to get in there! :)

    • Kate #

      Hi Betsy,

      Sounds like fun. Unfortunately I am completely behind the times and use a PC (and my mobile phone heralds from the dark ages).

      I’m sure others would be interested though. Have a nice w/end :)

  8. Hi, Kate!

    Fantastic diamonds!!! Many thanks for Jean and you. Very elaborate work!

    Kate, I love your gems and diamonds :) I used your templates as a base for making gem-boxes. That was great)))

  9. Paola #

    Beautiful and fascinating! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Dear Kate,

    What nice posts you have and I am sure going te print the crossstitch paper.
    On my blog I have a giveaway for a NEON 2013 Calendar poster.

    You are so inspirational that I hope you will particpate!

    A merry christmas and happy new year and hope to enjoy your blog in 2013.

    greetings from Rotterdam

    • Kate #

      Hi Candice…I did try to follow your blog but don’t have any of the accounts it requests?

      *Waves to Rotterdam*

      • I will changes the entries,
        just leave a comment and you can still win a poster!


  11. I must admit I am slightly in love with Jean right now. If a boy made paper diamonds that took 2 hours to make…. aaah SO romantic.

    Anyway, they look fabulous and given that I’m currently bed ridden with the Flu & have a lot of time to kill I’m going to have a go at making them. Wish me luck…

    • Kate #

      Good luck & get better soon ^_^

  12. Kirsten #

    Great work. I like all the paper things that i found here :D. I go make them in the holiday :D

  13. zsümbürke #

    I’d been hunting it for months but never could find any realistic diamond template. I tried to figure out myself but as I’ve never seen a real briliant shape in 3D I failed it.
    What you’ve done is a real treasure!
    Jean must be a good engineer.
    I am very grateful for shareing it.

  14. Amanda Yusko #

    Wat kind of paper do u use? Poster board? N wer can I get the pattern for the gem? These will b perfect for my sis bridal shower and my daughters bed room!!! I hope i can master it! :)

    • Kate #

      Hi Amanda. The PDF is at the foot of the post. I used a heavy paper. I think it would be too hard to make out of card. Good luck ^_^

  15. van #

    hi, i love this! but could you post some step by step photos? i’m new to this and am a bit stuck >.<

  16. Juliana #

    How did you get the color effect on the diamond? It’s really beautiful!

    • Kate #

      Hi Juliana…I used silver paper ^_^

  17. Beatriz Mota #


  18. These are so much fun to make! Thanks :) Do you by chance have templates for the silver and pink jewels that look a bit more complicated?

    • Kate #

      Hi Tessa, the links are in the how-to section above ^_^

  19. Abid Kamaruddin #

    im stuck ! i need step-by-step images :)

  20. This is so gorgeous and intricate! :)

  21. Tina #

    Thanks for the template, really great stuff. I’m having a go at it and have a question – what sort of glue do you use to put them together? Thanks! T.

    • Kate #

      Try ‘Loctite all purpose adhesive’ or ‘bostick glue and fix’. Both are a bit smelly and come out of the tube very quickly so not recommended for kids. Having said that they are the best glues I have come across for paper-based projects.

  22. dasom yoon #

    This is so Awesome!

    Can I ask what kind of paper is that?

    Silver paper looks so great on diamond model. I went Utrecht to look up that… but couldn’t find…

  23. xandra #

    its really interesting and unique…but i need the step by step help from you guys, thank you

  24. Madison #

    Hi! I was able to cut out and score the template perfectly fine but I’m a little confused on how to construct it. :( Could you give me some help?

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