Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids (+ templates)

Phew, I finally got round to making some Christmas decoration templates for kids. (I don’t know about you but my to-do list is out of hand at the moment!).

Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids

My two boys are still a bit young to do the cutting-out so I did it for them. Their job is to go wild with the glue, glitter, silvery markers etc etc!

Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids

If you wanna print some out for your little ones to cut-out or decorate then you’ll find templates after the jump.

Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids

(My 3 year old helping me to ‘stage the shot’)

Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids

(My amazing Fiskars needlework scissors that I use for everything…and they have remained sharp for years – in spite of my constant misuse!)

Simple Christmas tree decorations for kids

(My beloved Swann-Morton knife…and no, this is not a sponsored plug…just a genuine love affair!)

Anyway, there are five templates to choose from. One contains a mix of all designs, the rest are just a single sheet of each of the designs (that way you don’t print off more than you need if you only like one of the designs). Simply cut out and decorate. When it comes to hanging thread some string through the loopy-bit with a needle (or use a small hole punch to chop out a hole first).

Happy decorating. We are doing the tree this weekend and I am super-excited!!!




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  1. Fantastic! Will definitely be letting my little one loose on these – she has just started to get into ‘sticking’ so no doubt they will all be covered in bits of shredded tissue, feathers and sequins!

  2. Love these – my girls will be glittering them I”m sure.

    • Kate #

      Hi Helen, I read your birth story the other day…bought a tear to my eye…it really did!! Wonderful x

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing but, all of the are of baubels only (except the mixed one).

    • Kate #

      whoops! I was chatting on the phone at the same time as putting the post together. Never been good at multi-tasking. All fixed now!!

  4. Ruth #

    Thanks for this, I’ve just printed out the mixed templates as a back-up project in case the after school club I’m working with get the pine bird feeders finished before the end of our session.

    • Kate #

      Ooooh good luck with the bird feeders! We love making them!

  5. I think I found your blog when looking for play dough recipes, and was delighted to find yours. I fell in love with the colorful, funky projects and have many of them on my To Do list! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’m passing on the Versatile Blogger Award:

  6. again, I love it. I want to make a garland of the baubels. And my to-do list is also out of hand. There should be a support group for those of us who make things over the holidays…

  7. oooh I love the snowflakes! I might have to use it for my christmas present wrapping : )

  8. Carien(Holland) #

    Thank you so much for the fantastic ornament templates! I finished with the mini-gems today,they look awesome in my mini-tree!

  9. Hi Kate! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here. I also linked to your pretty gemstone project!

  10. Lovin' This! #

    I am LOVING these patterns! My kids at school have had a lot of fun making these to take home to their families.

    • Kate #

      Thank you!! We had a lot of fun too. My kids love it when we break out the glitter!

  11. Fantastic idea! The day 23 we have some activities with children in the store. We use your turorial. Thanks so much!

  12. thank you for the templates. here you can see what I’ve done with them.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. 小智 #


  14. I like the snowflake pattern, thanks for sharing the template.

  15. A small amount of people like to try the food at their favorite restuarant but don’t have enough cash for it, I like going to places knowing that i’d be okay covering the bill.

  16. thanks for sharing the template.

  17. Martina #

    Oh these snowflakes are just perfect for a snowy garland :) can’t wait to get to making it

  18. Nisa #

    Wow you will by pefulty

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