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Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

Hello there. I hope you are all enjoying your summer (or winter if you are south of the equator!). I saw this toilet roll octopus and it inspired me to put together this quick paper craft. It’s perfect for small children and gives them a great opportunity to practise their scissor skills.

Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

I’ve tried this craft out on a class of 4 and 5 year olds. They all really enjoyed it and everyone chose to make one. Hurray! The printable contains 2 octopuses so it’s also very economical if you are working with larger groups of children.

Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

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+ A4 paper
+ Scissors
+ Glue or sticky tape
+ Wobbly eyes (you could use white stickers instead)
+ Hole punch

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1. Print out the template (the pdfs are at the foot of the post). Set your printing preferences to ‘photo’ or ‘text and image’. Using a pair of scissors cut along all the dotted lines. If you printed the blank template then draw on suckers and a mouth.
2. Punch two holes in your octopus so that it can be hung when complete.
3. Glue or tape the tab into place
4. Curl the legs (most of the children I worked with needed a hand with this stage)
5. Stick eyes on your octopus. You can use wobbly eyes or white stickers.

– – – – – – –

Blank octopus template

Octopus template for blue paper

Octopus template for green paper

Octopus template for purple paper

Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

7 thoughts on “Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus

  1. The octopus is so cute!! the kids in the class loved it! <3

    may i ask what is the font being used in the poster for the word "gulg"

  2. Thank you! I do a lot of craft with a LOT of kids! It is so refreshing to find one that is so simple and easy to use!

  3. What a charming idea! As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for engaging crafts that hone skills. I can’t wait to try this with my little ones. Thanks for sharing such a fun and educational activity!

    continue reading..

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