Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition ^_^

I noticed that the woven gift-topper I made last year was doing the rounds again on Pinterest so I thought I would make an updated pastel version (pastels seem to be the new neon at the moment).

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition

I bought some quilling strips (0.5cm) to use this time which reduces the labour by about half (I’ve also been working on some more intricate woven ‘things’ for another project…more to come soon). Anyway check out the previous post if you want full instructions.

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition

Above: Mischevious hands – the unseen backdrop in all my photo’s ^_^

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition

While I took photos today my boys were making their own presents by wrapping boxes in newspaper. I gave them masking tape to use – much more obedient than sticky tape. They are not usually the ‘sitting-down’ type but they loved it…

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition

Finally, the font used on these images is called soymilk and it’s free to download …yay!



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  1. that’s gorgeous! I’m going to pin that so i will not forget next time i have to wrap a present!

  2. What a relatively simple way to really make a gift POP. I like this a lot.

  3. RobynR #

    Hi, the link to the original woven gift wrap seems to be broken.

    • Kate #

      Thanks Robyn…all fixed.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas, this what internet is all about!
    I ‘m a big fan, so MERCI!

  5. So lovely! I’ll bet it’s gorgeous with organza ribbons, too!

  6. DborG #

    I’m more interested how you tied all of those.

    • Kate #

      Hi, I bought then ends together, trimmed them then taped them neatly to the base. You can weave them in at the base too…it just takes more time and is a bit more tricky.

  7. lylu #

    That’s cute and simple) like it

  8. Beautiful,Very creative.Thanks.

  9. What a truly gorgeous idea! I’m going to have to block out a good chunk of time the next time I need to wrap a gift, this looks amazing :)

  10. I love it (and your other two “weaved” posts)! Hope it’s ok that I shared the love here: http://gidetvidere.blogspot.no/2012/08/vevet-gaveband-av-papir-woven-paper.html

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  11. eldoctorhamoda #


  12. Beautiful! I must admit I just pinned this myself : )

  13. GIo #

    this is lovely, but how does the other side look?

    • Kate #

      Hi, I bought then ends together, trimmed them then taped them neatly to the base. You can weave them in at the base too…it just takes more time and is a bit more tricky.

  14. I tried this for a friend’s birthday present and it was a great hit! Thank you so much for helping me distract her from my terrible wrapping! ;)

  15. Beautiful,Very creative.Thanks. keep it up the good work

  16. mina #

    very good.so beautiful

  17. Sara #

    A Simple idea is always the great one. It’s great Thank YOU.

  18. How clever and beautiful!

  19. Bonnie #

    Nice, simple but unique.

  20. wow wow wow!

  21. Peekapal #

    That is so pretty. I always wanted to know how to do it and then I found this. You are so talented

  22. That looks fantastic. I would also love to know how you attached them all at the back. Thank you in advance.

  23. Jersica #

    Good idea!!!

  24. lola #

    merci beaucoup c jolie :)

  25. Hey, would just like to tell you that I shared your work on my blog ^^


    Keep up the good work :D
    Best regards,

    • Kate #

      Many thanks Helena. Kate ^_^

  26. Wow, lovely gift wrapping idea. I love custom everything, and your site seems to have all of it! Thank you, Thank you!

  27. GENIUS! What a great way to wrap up your present. I love the originality and simplicity of the woven giftwrap. Thanks for sharing!

  28. meg #

    I love paper, but don’t really get into wrapping gifts. But this changes everything! I love this!!!

  29. lili #

    thanks !

  30. güzel ve faydalı bir paylaşım olmuş

  31. Thank you so much for sharing

  32. Sarah Hendricks #

    I use my paper shredder to make quilling strips…it’s what I often do with pieces of scrapbooking paper after I’ve made a card or scrapbooked a page and don’t know what to do with all those left overs. They are always the same width which is important for quilling and crafts using quilling strips.

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  35. katey #

    this is a great idea! I tried this out and it turned out great! thank you sooo much!

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