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3D paper diamonds

Hello there. Hope you all had a great Easter! We had a lovely relaxing holiday (….well as relaxing as it gets with kids). It would have been great to have another week off ^_^

Before I forget I just want to say a big thank you for all the kind messages you have send me regarding my book (you really are a nice bunch!)…and huge thanks to all the people who have bought it so far…

3D paper diamonds

I’ve been meaning to get this paper diamond up for weeks now…but it’s taken ages to figure the template out (and I’ve been having breaks between each failed attempt). I really hate crafty disasters (I seems to be having a few just recently) so I’m happy that this one came good in the end!!

3D paper diamonds

It’s based on simplified version of Satoshi Kamiya’s origami diamond. I did make the origami diamond to begin with but I found it impossible to keep the model closed (and really tricky to make as I couldn’t find full instructions anywhere). In the end I just made a less complictated ‘cut, score & glue’ version which was much easier to assemble!

3D paper diamonds

These paper diamonds are tricky to make (& require a fair bit of patience) so definitely adults only! If you enjoyed making my paper gems then this project is definitely for you.

3D paper diamonds

When you have made your diamonds you can attach thread and hang them up. You could also use them as a gift box…perfect for jewellery (or diamond rings!!). If any of you do succeed in making some please let me know (if you send me a link to your pictures I’ll pop it up on my facebook page).


1. Print out the template onto a sheet of paper. Cut around solid line.

2. Using a needle (or compass point) and ruler score along all the dotted lines.

3. Turn over and lightly bend along scored lines.

4. Using a glue-stick glue each flap into place. (I would recommend that you glue one flap and stick in place and then glue the next flap etc).

3D paper diamonds

3D paper diamonds

Happy Monday all!

Edited to add: A few people have had problems printing the templates (the dotted lines do not print). If you too are having problems you can download a ‘dotted-line-free’ template here!

173 thoughts on “3D paper diamonds

  1. Thanks Erica….wish I had had more time to photograph them as the pictures don’t do them justice really!

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog…will bookmark it and come and look again another day. Gotta do the school run now ^_^

  2. I can’t believe you don’t own a cutting machine (like Silhouette Cameo). These would be a breeze. I’d love to try making them (if I can get a moment to myself!) 🙂

  3. Hi Courtney,

    A Silhouette Cameo is on my wish list…they are very expensive…maybe at Christmas! ^_^

    Know what you mean about getting a moment!!!

  4. OH my gosh, this is amazing. So beautiful!!! I can’t wait to try this once my printer works again 😀
    found through pinterest and pinned it right away 🙂

  5. These are adorable. I’m thinking that making them with glitter or sparkle paper for my bridal shower they will make such cute decor and favor boxes. Just made one at work and I will definitely getting together an assembly line to get them done for the shower. Thanks for the post!

  6. Hi Anna,

    Yep it is tricky! I poked a needle through the pointy end bit and used it to press on the flap from the inside! Hope that makes sense…do let me know if not.

    It is also easier to let the glue dry fully on all the other flaps before attempting to wrestle the last flap into place (stops the model falling apart).

    One the diamond has been assembled (and the glue has dries out) they are surprisingly sturdy 😉

  7. These are adorable. Definitely going to try them soon. What kind of paper did you use? All I have at the moment is boring white printer paper…

  8. Thanks for posting this! I took this pattern and ran with it! Made some diamonds for my kiddo and she loves them! Going to try the gems too and see how those turn out, thanks again!

  9. For some reason, when I try and print these, all the dotted lines don’t print. Anyone else have that problem or is it just me?

  10. Mine printed without all of the dotted lines. Tried twice just in case. Same result. 🙁

  11. Hi Philfam,

    I have no idea what the problems is (so many things could be causing it). I have added a dotted-line-free version of the template at the foot of the post. Hope that helps, Kate ^_^

  12. I have added a dotted-line-free version of the template at the foot of the post. Hope that helps, Kate ^_^

  13. None or the lines are printing when i print the template is there another link i could try??

  14. I was having trouble printing the template – the dotted lines weren’t printing for me – but I found that if I saved the PDF first BEFORE printing it, the dotted lines did print just fine. I have no idea why that makes a difference, but it did for me. Hope that helps!

  15. I have added a dotted-line-free version of the template at the foot of the post. Another reader said if you save the pdf before printing it works!

    Hope that helps, Kate ^_^

  16. If I pay you for this template, may I use it to produce part of my next series of sculptural work? (i.e. for commercial purposes.)

  17. I love it and i even tried it.Turned out great as expected it to be and i am really happy

  18. This is WONDERFUL!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Thanks so much!!!!

  19. I love these!!! I’ve been wanting to have a ‘bling’ party… Ohhhh… or you could make small ones for a pirate booty treasure chest! hmmmm… 🙂

  20. thank you for your template and your instruction, it’s very exciting to try on

    i like your diamond colors,

  21. Hi, yep, that’s right…you should be able to see in the photos…..Kate ^_^

  22. Thanks so much! I followed your instructions but used tape to avoid the messy fingers and still worked great! Thanks so much!
    I cut them with my kid’s scissors and did the needle marking which was key!
    Thanks again!

  23. I found these on my mom’s pinterest page, along with many other great ideas from your site. I’m having a pirate themed party for my day care and these will be perfect for the treat boxes, filled with ‘pirate gold’ (aka rolos) Thank you!! I may even find a use for this template with my Cub Scouts.

  24. Thankyou so much! (I found this via pinterest)
    Was it just me or were these extremely time consuming in the cutting and scoring steps…? looks splendid! Also, any tips regarding getting the point to look neater?

    The image printed fine for me, but i did notice that on your PDF one of the dotted lines is missing, on the spoke to the left… 🙂 It’s all fine for me, but just letting you know. or is it not meant to have a dotted line?

  25. Hi Nellie…they do take time….it’s definitely a more advanced papercraft project…

    Precision is really the only tip I can give if you want to get super-neat results.

    Some people have had problems printing the dotted lines…I’m not sure…maybe an older version of pdf reader or something…there is a version to download at the bottom of the post that doesn’t contain the dotted lines ^_^

  26. Yay…Glad it went well Catriona…that’s ace. Impressed you got your son involved…they are pretty tricky to make ^_^

  27. Darn it, my Internet wont alow me to see the popup. Any chance you could mail it or something?

  28. Hi Erica

    I found your blog today after following a link posted by Papermill Direct on Facebook. I love your paper diamonds and decided to have a go using acetate, although it didn’t quite work out how I’d imagined, it doesn’t look too bad as a Christmas Decoration! . Thank you so much for the template and allowing others to use it. You can find the results here on my blog

    Jane x

  29. Thank u so much I am going to try it tomorrow and then sending it full of candy or a pop ring to my friends daughter that is having a hard time with adhd and we are trying pin pale art friends to see if it encourages her another way. Thank u for this idea and template. Any thing u or anybody had that can be mailed please let me know. Hoping to help this sweet 6 year old into the art world.
    Thank you Terry

  30. Hi! where do u buy the paper? i love the colors 🙂 I’m from Mexico and i totally love your blog

  31. Hi Ellie,

    The paper was from Paperchase….I’m not sure where you would buy bright paper from in Mexico. If anyone knows please leave a comment ^_^

  32. kete do u have any easy way to do this because i get stuck on the sticking and thredding part

  33. When I tried to print out the template with dotted lines, the dotted lines were gone 🙁
    any solutions to this problem?
    anyways nice diamonds:D
    i enjoyed them although a lot ^_^

  34. Hi,

    A few people have had the same problem. There is a ‘dotted-line-free’ template at the bottom of the post ^_^

  35. Hi Naomi, make sure you put your ruler next to the line, then, run the needle alongside the ruler applying a bit of pressure. Use the needle as if it were a pencil….you are effectively drawing a line with it…hope that helps?!

  36. I have emailed you a new template to try Peter. Some printers seem to have an issue with dotted lines ^_^

  37. Hi Katie,

    Put a ruler alongside the line and run the point of a needle along the line…pressing down as you go. (You can also use a compass point). It basically puts an indent in the paper making it easier to fold (you also get a nice crisp fold).

    Hope that helps ^_^

  38. Hi!!! I just got the silhouette cameo and am DYING to make a cutting file for these diamonds. could you tell me how to do that? or do you have the svg file or studio file somewhere??? thanks so much!

  39. Hi Lesa,

    I’m afraid I have no cutting file (a silhouette cameo is on my wishlist!). To be honest the cutting out it the quickest bit. Scoring and gluing takes longer. Good luck x

  40. I know, the minecraft thing is so true, my husband plays that game all the time, he would love these!

  41. Preciosos! siempre los admiré y no sabía cómo hacerlos, así que muchas gracias por compartir!

  42. If you just had a Minecraft popup card, you could put a template and instructions for the diamonds in!

  43. I tried to make one. it worked eccept my glue stick was not sticking enough. what glue do you use? and is there a certain paper I should be using? awesome template. Thank You

  44. Hi Jill…you could try double sided tape or glue like UHU or Bostic (bit smelly and messy but sticks well). I have been using double sided tape rollers lately and they are great too

  45. I used normal paper…but use heavier paper if you want them to be stronger. I would avoid card as it’s too thick for this particular project.

  46. I just tried these. It didn’t come out nearly as pretty as yours, but I think after I do it a few times they will look better. Thank you for the template and the tutorial. I plan to use them as bridal shower “confetti” on the food and gift tables. 🙂

  47. Me too! I saw pictures everywhere, and said “This is what I need!,” but Firefox hated me and wouldn’t bring me to the tutorial page, just kept failing to load. It’s amazing that IE actually worked.

  48. I’m going to make some to decorate a cave entrance I constructed out of plastic library card sheets and butcher paper. I’ll definitely post pictures when I’m done! Thank you.

  49. This tutorial is amazing! I’d really like to do some 🙂 But how long are the parts of the diamond? I just searched everywhere and i cant find it :/ Can you help me? 🙂

  50. Hi Mathilde…I’m not sure what you are asking? Have you downloaded the template? ^_^

  51. Busque muchas opciones para hacer diamantes de papel y los tuyos definitivamente son los mas bonitos que lástima que no se entienda NADA a través de fotos del paso 3 al 4 ni idea de como le hiciste deberías de hacer un video y necesitaba hacer 35 para una escuela que pena !!!!!!

  52. I loved it I’ve made 9 of these already. But I’m 11 so you don’t need to be an adult to down it you just need patience.

  53. Yay…well done Jordan. Sorry if you took offence to me saying ‘adults only’. My sons are 5 & 6 so when I say ‘no kids’ I only really mean little ones ^_^

  54. Yep it is tricky! I poked a needle through the pointy end bit and used it to press on the flap from the inside! Hope that makes sense…do let me know if not.

  55. Hi Chan,

    Yep it is tricky! I poked a needle through the pointy end bit and used it to press on the flap from the inside! Hope that makes sense…do let me know if not.

    Kate ^_^

  56. I would please like to know how to make it so that in the end I have an open flap to put things in it just like you suggested as used for gift box or favour boxes??

  57. Hi Chan, I score with a ruler and compass point (its a really good compass – quite fine point). Other than that you can score your paper with a large needle to get really sharp edges. Kate ^_^

  58. Way to cute thank you for the template. I am going to hang tiny ones from a baby corsage. Again thank you

  59. I think I’ve figured out why some are having trouble printing. Go under print properties and select ‘black and white’. For some reason, my printer thinks the diamond template is a color and woudn’t print – only the title and copyright. With B&W printing, everything shows up!

    PS: I’m making these for an upcoming 60th wedding anniversary party! (Diamond anniversary)

  60. Hello! Gorgeous diamonds, I’m going to try to make them for a school project, hope that’s ok. If it goes well I’ll be sure to send a photo of it later! 🙂

  61. Thanks Meghan,

    I had noticed the same thing and try to be clear about it in the instructions for new projects…haven’t got around to updating the old project yet *^_^*

  62. HI Kate,
    Thanks so much for sharing, and I am a fan of your projects!
    Anyways, one question.
    How do you color the template? I really liked the gems in your pictures, so I was wondering how you colored them…

  63. hello! do by any chance doyou have a pdf file of the beautiful paper craft? pls send me!

  64. It’s my husbands parents 40th anniversary in a couple if months, thinking these would look great in red paper as a ruby..if I can find the patience to make them?! Thank you

  65. Phew! You’re right, These are not easy to make but so worth it. They will look amazing at my party. I wanted to make a bunch but 2 is all I could muster ha ha.

  66. Hi Nira….I can’t cook very well so there you go!

    It’s a hard template though. Try the paper gems to begin with – they are a nice warm up.

  67. Hi there, Do you by any chance have a template for the pop up wedding invertaions with the linked rings? or any other ones I could try. Tried to buy one from their web site but sadly they only have paypal linked to pay with and wont let me select credit card. If you have one please let me know. want to make my own invites. using your stunning diamonds for gift boxes to gift the ladies bracelets.

  68. Hi every body i’m in 7th grade , and i was able 2 do it too.So not necessarily for ADULTS!! The dotted lines didnt get printed, but i drew all of them and managed 2 finish the project in an hour{including the printing and drawing!!
    It’s cool

  69. Thx.It’s a bit hard guna need one of the paper masters in my class to fold it next time but awesome

  70. I like it! But its only in white. Can you please send me template of all colors on my email {}. Anyways its cool!

  71. Hi! I’m having some trouble keeping the end tips all neat. They don’t seem to want to all come together in a sharp point– do you have any tips on this? Also, what kind of paper did you use? The ones in the picture are beautiful!

  72. Hi Rica…the only thing I suggest is that you are super accurate with your scoring. Its easier to do a better job with thinner paper but then they turn out to be more delicate. I used a good quality printer paper. HTH x

  73. the dotted lines didnt print but copying them off the screen is not that hard, i doing this for a dt project at school and all my classmates are so jealous of this

  74. My glue would not stick. So every time I a glued the next thing the one before it came undone. >:(

  75. Absolutely fantastic, needed to make a ‘royal ruby’ for our drama production, so made with stiff paper and glued red cellophane over it, it looks great!

  76. Hi Kate,

    I discovered your amazing work through Mollie Makes (3 months late as it takes agggges for the mag to get to Australia.
    My question to you is what glue do you use. I found that my glue stick wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t want to weight the paper down so I am stumped 🙁

    Would you ever consider making a youtube video? as I’d love to see you doing putting it together for a reference point for when I do it

  77. Kate is this whole website yours its cool and fantastic. I am a big fan of you can u make me something special plz?

  78. Kate is this whole website yours its cool and fantastic. I am a big fan of you can u make me something special plz?

  79. Hi Kate,

    my question is, how can you manage that the top of the diamond stays even?
    When I try to fold along the dotted lines also the top gets more or less crumpled…
    I also find it really hard to fold it accurately to the points – maybe i have to score it harder? I used a normal needle.
    Can you tell me, what a “compass point” is??? Couldn’t find a translation for that.
    I’m from Germany, so please excuse my strange / funny English..;o))

    The “normal” paper gems worked really good!

    Regards from Leo. (who is a girl btw.)

  80. I am making this diamond with my art class student, and she will make the lantern out of this diamond! I am excited for her and thank you very much for this pattern!

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