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Natural charm bracelet

Sorry it’s been a while in between posts. We’ve all been struck down by a cold so I’ve spent my evenings slumped on the sofa this week. Anyway, I wanted to show you what I have been doing (in between medicinal glasses of red wine) even though it’s not finished!

I’ve been tinkering around with the idea of a natural charm bracelet for a while now. So I’ve been creating some ‘charms’ by covering the inside of acorn caps with gold leaf. Crazy I know, but they look incredible!!

I’ve also been collecting some vintage wooden beads to team them up with. The owls came from a bead seller on etsy and I just had to have them!

All I need now is a bracelet to hang them off. Macrame is making a huge comeback at the moment so I’m thinking of some kind of macrame band? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Obviously this isn’t a project for little ones. However it’s perfect for older ones and, personally speaking, I couldn’t think of a better gift.

8 thoughts on “Natural charm bracelet

  1. Oooh, so nice for Christmas. How about crocheting a chain with some gold thread – how are you going to attach them, will you drill holes in the acorn cups. Can’t wait to see how the bracelets turn out!

  2. Hi Patsy…crocheting sounds great…I was even tempted to try macrame. Either way I have to learn a new skill so might be a while before it’s finished! It seems easy enough just to poke a hole in the cup using a pin so no need for drilling…

  3. Wow, what a brilliant idea! So simple and beautiful. I know you posted this last year, but I found it through a random search for something completely unrelated, and had to tell you how marvellous I think they are. You’ve really inspired me! The joys of the internet, eh?

    There are a lot of acorn cups around at the moment as it’s just gone into autumn, every year I look at them and wish I had an excuse to collect them because I think they’re adorable. Now I have one, yay! 😀 (I’m in Christchurch, New Zealand, and it seems this city has a bit of a “thing” for oak trees, there are more of them growing than native plants.)

    I will definitely be trying this. I might have a go with some silver leaf that’s been gathering dust for years. Did you dry the cups out at all first? Or just use them as-is?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi other Kate!! So glad you ‘get’ this! They really do look sensational. I always loved acorn caps and it’s great to find a way to preserve a few. I still have mine sat in a box…ready to be transformed into that bracelet!! I’m on the hunt for a few other nik-naks but will get there in the end.

    I just left them to dry for a few days…that’s all. They are still as good as new six months later. You can poke a hole in the end with a needle – perfect for threading.

    It’s lovely you have some wonderful oak trees but a shame about all your native plants eh….

    Have fun and let me know how you get on.

  5. Just found a stash of very large acorns (the botanical sign said “English Oak”. We are in the US for what it’s worth – the size was double what I usually find. I’m thinking Christmas garland?!?

    Anyway, I immediately came to look at this post when I got home b/c the beauty of what you’ve done here has always stuck with me.

    Any updates on this project?



  6. Hi !
    I’m Eva (13) and I’m french. Sorry for my englisch (very bad…).
    Everything you make is just perfect ! Thank you so much to give them all these ideas ! Continu your website !

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