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DIY Owl Mask

Paper Owl Mask

Hello all,

I hope you are all well and preparations for Halloween are going well. Paperchase asked me to design a mask for Halloween. I have a thing for owls so it seemed only natural to make an owl mask.

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Autumn Colourway

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

All you need to make the mask is a printer, some ribbon and a selection of papers. I’ve tried two different colourways – do message me pictures if you make a mask and try a different selection of colours – I would love to see them.

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Click here to go to the Paperchase blog and get the printable files otherwise you can click here to see more minieco Halloween projects.

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Rainbow Colourway

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Paper Owl Mask // Free printable

Happy Halloween
Kate ^_^

15 thoughts on “Paper Owl Mask

  1. This mask is beautiful. Love the colors. And love the accents of silver in the little feathers in the mask with the purple feathers.

  2. Is the template available anywhere else, because it is no longer accesible from the Paperchase website.

  3. very colorful and vibrant… but the making is so easy… 🙂

    this kind of simple handicrafts always attracts me… hope will make one or two for my kiddo.. waiting for some new ideas from you as well.

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