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Eye-bombing (the new yarn-bombing)!

I saw this great post at flutterflutter last week which was all about ‘eye-bombing’ and ever since reading it I have had an overwhelming desire to stick googly eyes to absolutely everything. It’s a great activity for the kids too!

Sugar-sprinkle monster - Sadly he is no longer with us.

Sugar-sprinkle monster. Sadly he is no longer with us.

Sheepish venus fly trap

Sheepish venus fly trap.

Sad string

Sad string.

Cute cactus

Cute cactus

Hungry holepunch

Hungry holepunch

Prudish door handle!

Prudish door handle!

Do join in! It’s lots of fun. If you want more inspiration then there is a whole website dedicated to the art of eye-bombing here! Thanks flutterflutter.

Happy Friday all! x

16 thoughts on “Eye-bombing (the new yarn-bombing)!

  1. have you seen Oooglies on CBBC ?? Everything has googly eyes, my 4 year old loves it 🙂

  2. check out “gooly eyes” by Caspar Babypants on Youtube- it’s a hilarious and catchy song (and video). My 1.5 year old is constantly singing it, and wanting to put eyes on everything.

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