Kaleidocycle {aka folding paper toy!}

Have you ever made a kaleidocycle before? They are pretty fun. All you need is some glue, paper and 5 or 10 minutes!

There is an animated gif at the bottom on the post so that you can see what they do.

There are also instructions & a template below too ^_^

- – – – – – – –

- Template
- Paper or thin card
- Glue
- Scissors
- Ruler and needle for scoring

- – – – – – – –

1. Print your template and cut it out.
2. Using a ruler and sharp point (compass or needle) score all the lines on your template.
3. Fold along all vertical lines.
4. Fold along all diagonal lines.
5. Fold your template over so that the three tabs tuck under the stripy part of the template. Glue into position (a glue-stick works well) and leave your model to dry for a few minutes.
6. Bend the kaleidocycle round as shown.
7. Tuck the remaining tab into the other end of the kaleidocycle. I found it easier to put a little tape over this join (rather than glueing)…
8. Play!

The animated gif is a bit shaky. I was alone in the house so had to use my chin to press the button on the camera (whilst the camera was attached to tripod). High-tech indeed!

By the way, check out this free download (courtesy of my cousins band) which contains: trick or treat poster, DIY ‘creeps’ mask, high quality MP3 and exclusive video art.

And, Helen, from Curlybirds just put together a ‘vintage Halloween costume‘ post on her site. Do have a look….it’s pretty funny :-D



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  1. Charlotte #

    This is made of awesome!! Am printing one out right now. Thank you for everything you share.

  2. YEahhhhh! génial! Super! EXXXtra! Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Frances #

    These are brilliant fun! Thank you for posting such great projects!

  4. Kate #

    Thanks all ^_^ hope you enjoy them

  5. JennyAnn #

    ooooh these are great. I am NOT a paper folding ninja….and it shows. I just don’t get it…I have worked with just about every medium of art….paper folding and needle felting are my kryptonite!

    • Kate #

      Oh no…hope you have some success with this ^_^

      I tried needle felting once and stabbed my finger (it really hurt!)…never again!

  6. meenakshi #

    Love the patterns you’ve chosen !

    I had made a couple for my little niece few years back ; the template had 4 colors instead of patterns.
    One can try adding some text too – such the name of the child or names of each family member ?
    I’m sure your little kindergartner loved playing with this paper toy :-)

    Incidentally, a kaleidocycle is supposd to improve fine motor skills.

  7. Love the little gif of the piece in motion… strangely hypnotic!

  8. Hi Kate, thanks so much for the mention – I’m pleased you had a giggle!

    Love this kaleidocycle – will be printing out for my girls.

    Take care, Helen

  9. Corina #

    This is craft the way I like it, easily done, not taking too much time to produce and the kidds love it and are happy about it. Thank you very much for the idea, you make us rather uncreative mums look pretty good…

  10. Sally #

    These are terrific. Thanks for the printouts! (Here’s one of the ones we made: http://a-little-crafty.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/kaleidocycle.html)

    • Kate #

      Yay…they look great Sally. Glad your little ones had fun colouring them in ^_^

  11. Ariane #

    I made it, it’s fun! :-)
    Thanks for all your ideas!!!

  12. Neha #


  13. love this idea! i wish i could make printouts like yours! do you use photoshop?

    • Kate #

      Hi Lauren,

      I use Illustrator for most graphics… ^_^

  14. oh wow these look great!

  15. tax #

    genial! me encantó, muchas gracias por compartirlo!

  16. koko #

    this is so cool! I sent it to my teacher.

  17. paper worm #

    i made 3 of these
    it is not so hard

  18. paper worm #

    thank you so much for sharing this i love it

  19. Edna #

    it is beautiful, thanks for the template

  20. You can make them with your pictures :)

  21. linda stevenson #

    where is the template please?

  22. Thank you, this is fantastic. I was looking for a template because I’m teaching 5th graders how to make these and having a template makes it so much easier for them.

  23. this is so cool! I sent it to my teacher.

  24. Awesome !!
    But i can’t download it (the domain is off) :-(

  25. Vaulson #

    Hey, this is such a brilliant idea of fun, although i struggle in forming the kaleidocycle, i succeed in it.
    thanks for the idea, my sister loved it so much…..

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