More paper decorations….!

It’s been a paper decoration week again this week. Check out the origami paper I used – it looks ace. Next week I’ll be back with more child-focussed crafts. Promise!

I’ve been making more hanging origami decorations….instructions here.

Festive origami decorations

I’ve been sewing another paper garland…it’s the same as my rainbow garland but a bit more christmassy! Instructions here.

Festive origami decorations

Festive origami decorations

And finally we’ve been making good old paper chains…so quick and simple and a perfect project for the kids. A winner every time!

Festive origami decorations

What paper decorations are you making this year?

10 thoughts on “More paper decorations….!

  1. I can already tell that you will have a festive and lovely Christmas tree. And safe around small kids and unruly pets too. ;>

  2. Hi there – yes the origami paper does look ace and lends itself really well to decorations I think. Niffabird I got the paper ages ago when I lived in australia. The website was the following: They have some really beautiful paper on there! x

  3. …btw niffabird I am still working on the autumn color-me-in……will try and get it up before the next autumn rolls around :-p

  4. These are so lovely! They are simple and delightful….what a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing them here. Hope this finds you all well! a

  5. Oh, how I love paper crafts! Your garland of strips of paper is divine. You’ve inspired me to make my own. Thank you 🙂 We also have plans to make a paper banner, and have been busy creating paper stars.

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